North carolina museum of art

The Great Art Heist

By qww111
  • Rich Europeans tell Bruce Clark they want paintings stolen.

    Rich Europeans tell Bruce Clark they want paintings stolen.
    A mysterious trio comes to the musuem. They decided which paintings they want and tell Bruce Clark the names of those paintings.
  • Bruce hires Cameron Judd

    Cameron accepts the job and is going to get $8,000
  • Cameron Judd hires Matt Caven

    Matt Caven is going to take half but Matt then hires Jim O'Reilly.Cameron gets caught stealing a car later that day.
  • Period: to

    Janie Clark gives information to Matt and Jim.

    Bruce, Janie's dad, told her to help him by giving information to Matt and Jim. He also paid her a tiny bit of money.
  • Art theft takes place

    Art theft takes place
    Two people, Matt Caven and Jim O'Reilly, disguised as cops are let in to the museum. They knock out both guards with a Maglite and steal the paintings.
  • Crime discovered.

    The scence of the crime is searched for finger prints and DNA tests are done. Charlie Forten and Georgette Wilkins are interrogated.
  • Finger Prints identified.

    Two of they 4 prints found on the door are indentified as the night gaurds. The other two are unknown.
  • Paintings transfered.

    Matt and Jim give paintings to Cameron who gives them to someone so that they can thake them to paris.
  • Janie Clarks interview.

    Janie clark tells about 3 people who came in to the musuem and started asking odd Questions. They ask about paintings and the sacurity ystem of the museum. She also mentions her father and his business.
  • The fingerprints of Cameron Judd are found in the museum

  • backpack found.

    Prints tacken from they backpack match those of Janie Clark.
  • Anonymous tips

    Anonymous tips
    2 calls were recieved. One said to look at Bruce Clark' company, and the other said that Georgette Wilkins committed the crime.
  • DNA and finger prints matched.

    All of the DNA found was Jim's and the unidentafied prits where matched to eather Jim or Matt.
  • Janie admits to calling

    Janie admits calling the police and telling them Georgette did it to take the blame off of her dad.
  • The backpack is found to be a rare model

    The backpack is found to be the urban adventurer modle. There are only about 300 of these backpacks floating around. It is confirmed that the backpack in the video of the trio is an Urban Adventurer model.
  • Camerons interview.

    Cameron tells police that a man hired him to steal the paintings. He tells them he hired Matt who in turn hired Jim. He also told them that Matt and Jim had a person on the inside. He gets imunity in the case.
  • The search for Bruce Clark begins

    The FBI start searching for Bruce.
  • Paintings are sold by the art stealing "Gang"

    The paintings are sold for thousands.
  • Matt, Jim, and Janie are tried and found guilty

    Matt, Jim, and Janie are tried and found guilty
    Matt and Jim are found guilty for breaking into the museum assaulting the guards and stealing the art. Janie is found guilty for providing information to the criminals so that they could easily break into the museum.