The Goonies

Timeline created by Colton.B
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  • The beginning

    The beginning
    In the beginning we meet all the characters and the fortelles. And we see that Mickey and his brother are moving and they need money to stay in there house.
  • 2

    The Goonies go up to the attic of Mikeys house and they find a map that takes them to the light house restaurant we’re the fortilyes are there and they get scared and leave after that the fortilyes leave and the go downstairs and find out that under neath the fire place is a secret hole that could lead them to one eyed Wiley.
  • 3

    After they get in the cave chunk gets stuck in the freezer and then gets caught by the fortilyes and the threat him by telling him we’re every one else went and so the lock up chunk with sloth and sloth breaks chunk free and the fortilyes go after the goonies.
  • 4

    The fortilyes catch up with the goonies and they but data slips them up and they get a head start to the pirate ship. They take a water slide down and they end up at the pirate ship and they take the gold and ruby but then the fortilyes show up...
  • 5

    After the fortilyes find the goonies they make Andy walk the plank and then chunk and sloth show up and sloth beats up the fortilyes and the escape out of the cave with no gold.
  • 6

    After they leave the cave there parents show up and mikeys dads starts to sign the paper to sell there house but then someone find gold in mikeys jacket and they don’t have to sell the house. And the pirate ship leaves the cave and sets sail on its own.