The Good Ol' Days (1911-1927)

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    The Good Ol' Days (1911-1927

  • Standard Oil 1911

    Supreme Court breaks up Standard Oil
  • Transcontinental US Flight 1912

    1st eastbound US transcontinental flight lands in Jacksonville, Florida
  • 16th Amendment 1913

    16th Amendment, establishing an income tax--Passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913
  • Henry Ford 1913

    Henry Ford develops the modern assembly line
  • Federal Reserve 1913

    Federal Reserve Act
  • ABC Powers 1914

    ABC Powers Conference-- the South American countries of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, which are seen as three of the most powerful and wealthy countries in South America.
  • WWI 1914

    World War I begins in Europe
  • FTC 1914

    Federal Trade Commission created
  • Antitrust Act 1914

    Clayton Antitrust Act enacted
  • Stamps 1915

    Postage stamp costs 2 cents.
  • Ford Auto 1915

    1 millionth Ford car rolls off the assembly line at the River Rouge plant in Detroit
  • National Park Service 1916

    US National Park Service implemented
  • War with Germany 1917

    US declares war with Germany
  • Raggedy Ann 1917

    Patent given for Raggedy Ann doll
  • Pandemic! 1918

    Influenza pandemic
  • Time Zones and DST 1918

    Time zones are officially established by an act of the United States Congress with daylight savings time to go into effect on March 31.
  • USA Industrial Output 1919

    USA overtakes Europe as total industrial output
  • Population and auto boon 1920

    The population of the USA is 105 million
    Eight million USA citizens own a car
  • Band Aid 1920

    Earle Dickson invents the band-aid
  • Prohibition 1920

    Alcohol is outlawed ("Prohibition")
  • KDKA 1920

    KDKA (Pittsburgh) is the first commercial radio station in the USA
  • Valentino 1921

    Rudolph Valentino becomes the first male sex symbol
  • Ciggies 1921

    43 billion cigarettes are sold in the USA
  • Western Union 1921

    Western Union transmitted its first halftone photograph
  • GM Cars 1921

    General Motors introduces cars for every market brackets
  • US and British Debt 1923

    The British and US governments signed an agreement formalizing Britain’s war deb obligations to the US.
  • Exclusion Act 1924

    The USA Congress passes the Exclusion Act prohibiting futher immigration from Japan.
  • First Female Governor 1925

    Nellie Tayloe Ross becomes Governor of Wyoming
  • Chrysler Auto Founded 1925

    Walter Percy founds Chrysler Auto Corporation
  • Sounds and Music in Films 1926

    Films with synchronized voice and music are introduced.
  • Babe Ruth 1927

    Babe Ruth makes 70K/year as highest paid baseball player.