The Golden Age of Arcade Games (1970-1980)

  • Galaxy Game

    Galaxy Game
    Earliest Coin Operated Game for the Golden Age
  • Computer Space

    Computer Space
    Other Coin Operated game popularized in the 70's
  • PONG

    Commercial game - by 1973 had over 2500 order and sold over 8000. Timeless classic
  • Night Driver

    Night Driver
    One of the first, 1st person driving games
  • Space Invaders

    Space Invaders
    extremely popular, used in tv shows such as Futurama etc. A timeless classic. Expanded gaming technology because of hardware used to make game
  • Atari Football

    Atari Football
    First football game popularized by arcade style. Extremely popular during football season, also very tiring because you would get sore palms due to spinning the track ball to win the game
  • Asteroids

    Very popular. Extremely simple view, most popular and influential games of the golden age. Popular demand selling over 70,000 arcade consoles, so popular operaters often had to install larger coin boxes
  • Galaxian

    Designed to compete with Space Invaders
  • Pacman

    One of the most popular and timeless video games of the era.
    Originally called Puckman it was thought american kids would grafiti the cover and change it to a more inappropriate title
  • Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong
    First game that featured Nintendo's most famous protagonist Mario, and started a long tedious journey of rescuing Princess Peach and then having her stolen again
  • Hogan's Alley

    Hogan's Alley
    FBI Training camp tool, to train new recruits