• New South Wales

    Edward Hargraves discovered a speck of precious gold in bathurst 1851.
  • NSW-Summer Hill

    After finding gold in Bathurst they moved a mile down the river only find more gold to last.
  • Victoria wants GOLD

    soon after the discovery of gold victoria obviously heard of the news. Governor of Victoria, La Trobe announced that who ever finds gold will get rewarded with 1000 euros and lucky enough Thomas Hiscock found gold.
  • South Australia with MORE GOLD

    the south australian governor offered a reward of 1000 euros to the first miner to retrieve gold.
  • Queensland is used to find MORE GOLD

    In 1858, 8000 Victorians search for more gold in Port Curtis. More gold is found in: Gympie, Palmer River and Mount Morgan.
  • Tasmania HAS GOLD

    Fingal was the place of the first discover for finding gold in Tasmania
  • Northern Territory WHAT A COINCIDENCE

    In the pine creek construction workers ''accidentally'' found gold while working. Tennant creek was the most successful mining in the northern territory.
  • Western Australia LATE ON GOLD

    western Australia was the last ever state in Australia to find gold, there frit discovery of gold was in a coolgarade