The Glass Castle

  • Fire

    While living in a trailor in Arizona Jeannette walls (three years old) was set on fire making hotdogs and went to the hospital.
  • Las vegas

    A few months after Jeannette came home from the hospital the family woved to Las Vegas
  • San Fransisco

    Because her father had "issues" payig bills they moved from las vegas to san fransicso for a short while.
  • Battle mountain

    The family moved to the small town of battle mountain where there father worked as a miner but when he was fired he started gambling so jeannettes mother got a job as a teacher and the kids were put into school.
  • Grandmas house

    When Rosemary's (Jeannettes mother) mother dies they move back to her house in phoenix Arizona and for most of the tiem here they live a stable life
  • Period: to


    The family amoved across the country to where Rex's ( the father of Jeannette) parents lived.
  • Long time in Welch

    The family moved to a town called Welch were they lived for the longest time they have lived anywere previously.
  • New York

    Lori has been in New York for a year, and Jeannette follows her there after her junior year. Brian and Maureen follow soon after, and their parents eventually come as well, choosing to be homeless.