The Giver: Age Advancement

By zata38
  • Newchild

    The child is born during this year, so they are taken care of until December.
  • Period: to

    The Giver: Age Advancement

  • One

    The child becomes a one, when they are given to thier families, given their comfort object, and given their names.
  • Twos

    Instructors begin to use the discipline wand on children.
  • Threes

    Females get hair ribbons and the children begin sharing their dreams.
  • Fours

    Children are given backward buttoned jacket to teach interdependence.
  • Fives

    Nothing new is given to the Fives.
  • Sixes

    Nothing new is given to the Sixes.
  • Sevens

    Sevens are given front-buttoning jacket, which is the first visible sign of maturity.
  • Eights

    Comfort objects are taken away, childen start volenteer hours, and their jackets have smaller buttons and pockets, so children can carry small things around.
  • Nines

    Nines get bicycles and girls get their hair ribbons removed.
  • Tens

    Boys and girls get their hair cut as a sign of maturity.
  • Elevens

    Girls get new undergarments and boys get new clothing.
  • Twelves

    Twelves recieve their life assignment and begin training for their jobs.