The Girl Who Played With Fire Logan Hoss Period 4 Norwood

  • Entry Number 1

    Salander is known as "Wasp" a computer hacker but she quit to become a news reporter. Mikael Blomkvist is ringing Salander's doorbell but she tells him to go away.She quit being a reporter and now she travels and studies math dimensions.
  • Entry Number 2

    Bjurman tries to get access to a police file on Salander but gets denied. Salander goes to George Bland's house before it is destroyed by the hurricane and takes him to the hotel cellar. She goes back out and sees the Forbes, the husband is trying to kill his wife because she has tons of money and he was going to use the hurricane as a cover up. Salander runs at the couple and knees the husband in the crotch and beats his head with a metal bar and takes the nearly dead wife back to the hotel.
  • Entry Number 3

    Blomkvist is trying to get into contact with Salander but like always Salander doesn't even bother opening his emails. Her mother died but they weren't very close. Salander remodelled her apartment which costed 200,000 kronor.
  • Entry Numbrt 4

    Berger is planning on exposing the cops, attourneys, and lawyers involved in the sex trade. Salander hacks Armansky's computer so she'll have access to it whenever she wants to see Milton Security's latest projects and activity.
  • Entry Number 5

    Salander offers Mimmi her old apartment which is worth about 2 million kronor for free because she is tired of living there. Mimmi accepts but feels guilty for it and wants Salander to visit and to have sex every once in a while.
  • Entry Number 6

    The blonde giant drives out to Svavelsjo to deliver the methamphetamine to Lundin so that his gang can continue selling it on the streets. The giant gives Lundin information about Salander so that they can capture her and ask her some questions.
  • Entry Number 7

    Salander visits her ex-guardian Palmgren at the rehabilitation center. He has trouble speaking but Salander can make out what he's saying even though they are just little pieces of words. After a week she visits Palmgren again and his condition has improved a lot and they play chess while they chat about the recent events in their lives.
  • Entry Number 9

    The crime investigators question find Miriam Wu in Salander's apartment and take her in for questioning. Miriam tells them that it's to unlikely to see Salander as a murderer. Miriam talks to one of the investigators alone and tells him more things off tape and private.
  • Entry Number 10

    Dr. Pete Teleborian told the investigators that he wasn't surprised Salander was a murderer because she never participated in her treatment when she was locked in the Psychiatric Clinic
  • Entry Number 11

    Hedstrom (one of the investigators) is excited about working on Salander's investigation because she found out he sold naked celebrity pictures and she threatened to tell Armansky if he continued the behavior. Salander's fingerprints are on Bjurman's gun box, broken glass in the apartment and on the pistol.
  • Entry Number 12

    Blomkvist wrote Salander a letter on his computer because that's the only way he thinks he could get a response since she has simple access to his computer. She responded with only one word Zala.
  • Entry Number 13

    Miriam confirms Armansky and Blomkvist's assessments as an intellegent and private person. Bublanski and Blomkvist meet and Blomkvist stresses his belief of Salander's innocence.
  • Entry Number 8

    Salander visits Dag and Mia and ask why they are looking for Alexander Zalachenko. Blomkvist heads over to their house and calls the police because Dag and Mia were both shot in the head. The pistol had Nils Bjurman's and Salanders finger prints on it but was registered to Nils
  • Entry Number 14

    Salander hangs low in her new apartment for the first 7 days after Dag and Mia's death. Salander has been leaked to the media as a psychotic lesbian satanist that hates society and particularially men.
  • Entry Number 15

    Salander has a flashback of being in the psychiatric clinic where she tries to explain "All the Evil" to the doctors but they don't listen and she stops talking to all of them except the nurses and other staff.
  • Entry Number 16

    Salander dresses up as Irene Nesser and breaks into Bjurmans apartment to steal his summer cabin's keys because she suspects hes keeping some of the files on her out there
  • Entry Number 17

    Miriam is kidnapped by the blonde giant. Paolo follows the van deep into the country. Paolo stops the giant from cutting Miriam with a chainsaw since she wouldn't talk. Paolo an ex boxer attempts to beat up the giant but he's almost un fazed by the blows until Miriam kicks him in the nuts and Paolo hits him with a wooden plank and they escape.