The gallipoli campaign

The Gallipoli Campaign

  • Naval Attacks I

    An troop made up of English and French soldiers attacked the Ottomans at the beginning of the strait. This was not very successful in weakening the Ottoman forts.
  • Period: to

    The length of the Gallipoli Campaign

  • Naval Attacks II

    Persuaded that they had softened the Ottoman defense, another attack was launched. This ended in an Ottoman victory.
  • British Landing

    Hamilton's orders were for the British troops to land at five different points along the coastline: S, V, W, X and Y (beaches). Over half a battalion of men died in the landing. The S and X beaches were lightly defended, and the casualties were minimal on both sides. The men lwho were supposed to be landing at V beach encountered such heavy fire that they joined with the troops landing at W beach. The troops landing at Y beach were forced to evacuate.
  • ANZAC Landing

    The ANZAC troops landed on Z beach. They ladned under the cover of darkness, as it was supposed to be a surprise attack. The approach to Z beach commenced at around 1:30 am on the 25th April.
  • French Landing

    The French created a diversion at Kum Kale.
  • Battles of Krithia I

    Hamilton ordered another attack on Krithia, after the landing, using the French and British troops. They moved forwards slightly, but were forced back in some areas. A retreat was made on the same day.
  • Battles of Krithia II

    The ANZAC commander, General Godley, and his troops made an attack on Hill Baby 700. At first they advanced, but they wre driven back overnight. Overall, no ground was agined by either side and thousands of men died.
  • Battles of Krithia III

    Hamilton orderd another attack on Krithia. The same plan was used, it gained no more ground than the first, and about 33% of the men involved were injured or killed.
  • Battles of Krithia IV

    The Ottomans launched a surprise attack in the ANZAC sector, despite not having much ammunition.
  • Battles of Krithia V

    A truce was organised for the Ottomans to collect their dead, due to the surprise attack.
  • Battles of Krithia VI

    Hamilton launched a third attack on Krithia. Losses were high, and only a few metres were gained for the Allies.
  • August Offensive I

    The ANZACs successfully captured a Turkish trench.
  • August Offensive II

    Not convinced by the previous feints, the Ottomans sent reinforcements to the North. They prevented the ANZACs from claiming the summit until morning.
  • August Offensive III

    Turkish reinforcements were sent to Chunuk Bair.
  • August Offensive IV

    The British fought at both Scimitar Hill and Hill 60, but failed to capture them successfully. The August offensive gradually stopped.
  • Considering Evacuation

    (Somtime during October)
    With Winter approaching, the British government began to consider the need for evacuation. When Hamilton resisted evacuation (as he had done several times before), he was dismissed.
  • Three Day Rainstorm

    A three day rain-storm started on this day. It flooded trenches and killed many soldiers. A blizzard in the first few weeks of December killed more.
  • Evacuation I

    ANZAC Cove and Suvla Bay were evacuated.
  • Evacuation II

    Helles was evacuated.