The Future of the World

Timeline created by Alinne Bauermann
  • Cars

    Electric cars will be more used and less expensive. It will be also automatic.
  • Green Electricity

    Green Electricity
    Most of the energy will come from renewable sources.
  • Medicine

    Medicine will make impressive discoveries about lethal diseases.
    There will be possible transplants of artificial organs.
  • Amazonia

    Forests in general will have been mostly destroyed and therefore will be preserved while they still exist.
  • Water

    Freshwater sources will not be as abundant and water will have to be desalinated for some countries in drought.
  • Life expectancy

    Life expectancy
    Advances in medicine will make human beings live longer. Therefore
    9.075 billion people will inhabit Earth in 2050, against 7 billion today.
  • Smartphones

    New technologies will change the concept of cell phones.
  • Social Media

    Social Media
    Today's social networks will no longer be used and there will be new, more technological ones.
  • Impressões 3D

    Impressões 3D
    3d printing will be widely used in several areas.
  • Extinction of Animals

    Extinction of Animals
    Many species of animals will be extinct from Earth.
    There will have also undiscovered animals.
  • Robots

    Robots will do most of the services, be they in the domestic or business environment.
  • Ets

    We will receive some signs that alien life exists.
  • Polar Ice Caps Melting

    Polar Ice Caps Melting
    The forecast is that global warming will continue to disintegrate the world's great ice masses, which should raise the level of the oceans and transform the Earth.