The French Revolution Begins

  • the three estates

    the first Estates conisted of the clergy and numberd about 130,000 people. the secound estated the nobilty included about 350,000 people. the third had people that had craftmenship ,shoppeople, and other wage wage earners
  • financial crisis

    social condition ,then , formed a long-range background to the frence revolution. it has been expanding fo 50 years it still has alot of has been latsing since 1614
  • From estates-general to national assembly

    it was omposed of represententives from the three oders of french society. the first and second estes had about 300 dred delegates
  • the declartion of the old regime

    the peasents were really poor so they feared the rich.the first assembly was them destroying it and now they try to make another but it got ruined
  • declartion of right man

    it was inspierd by amercan was soppost to be there liberty and freedom to do what they wanted to.
  • the move to radicalsm

    the paris commune had forced the legaslative assembly. more and more leaders tried to cme over and take the place
  • crises and responded

    the biggest crises happen in the france . the french were in wr every time with other countries
  • a nation in arms

    france was threaton by external forces during the time in the 1789. In less than a year the frence had a overpowering army. they have conquered even the austrian netherland.

    by this year the frence beat the there oppenites and took most off all there land.there 750 memeber and only two of those men caan be a legeslative bodies. and people had to vote which of these men were the best in the govermnent

    ever sence he won the french revolution war he has been really popular. but he was a kid as well he had a life as a child as well. they put him in the millitary because he was going to be a great leady to these people.