The Final Warning

  • Ari's funneral

    Ari's funneral
    Ari was Max's half brother. Mow you may be thinking why did Max kill her half brother. The reasson is Ari was an eraser and was trying to kill Max. They were fighting in a subway tunnel and for Max the only way out was to kill Ari.
  • Private jet trip

    Private jet trip
    In the jet Max and 5 other bird kids found new talens which would help them in many battles against Erasers which are always trying to kill Max and her strange family.
  • exploding pizza

    exploding pizza
    In this part the Max and her family were in a hotel room in Washignton D.C. When they opened it Max relized it was a bomb so they went running out of the room right as it exploded.
  • Trip to Antartica

    Trip to Antartica
    Max and her 5 siblings were sent on a scientific expedition to Antartica. They had to ride down on an ice breaker which they did tests from and learned what excatly they were doing.
  • Meeting the scientists

    Meeting the scientists
    Once they made it to Antartica they went to the expedition base camp. There they got used to there livivng quarters and meet the people they would be living and working with, while in Antartica.
  • Survival kit

    Survival kit
    once they got settled in the scientists showd the kids the survival kit they would have if lost, and he tought them how to use the things in the kit which will be a help in the future.

    Angel who is Max's sister got lsot in a blizzard and Max and Fang went loooking for her when they think shes gone thing take a turn for better and then a turn for the worse.
  • snow shelter

    snow shelter
    Once they found angel and max were stuck in a blizzard and this is what came there home for a couple of hours. They spent the whole blizzard in it.
  • confrence

    The kids had to have a confrence"auction" with the uber detector who was trying to make trillions by selling the kids.
  • Family

    The kids were finally reuntited with their "Mom and Dad"