The Fifteen "firsts"

Timeline created by hl19106
  • 400th Anniversary of Galileo's Astronomical Discoveries

  • 1957-2007 was the 50th anniversary of the Space age.

  • The Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik, into space.

  • First human on the moon and first space launch from a celestial body.

  • first lunar rover.

  • First space station

  • First to maintain orbit around another planet.

  • first impact into mars.

  • First Mission to enter the asteroid belt and leave the inner solar system.

  • First polar orbit around the sun.

  • First orbit of Jupiter.

  • First landing on an asteroid.

  • First sample return from comet.

  • First manmade probe in interstellar space.

  • First manmade probe landed on a comet.