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The Fall of the House of Usher- Jordan#6, Kelly#30, Karen#17,Ryleigh#5, Sam#34

  • Main Problem

    Main Problem
    The unnamed narrator receives a strange letter from his childhood friend, Rodrick Usher, giving evidence of Rodrick having a mental disorder. He goes to visit Rodrick at the House of Usher. Karen #17
  • Period: to

    The Fall of The House of Usher

  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    The narrator goes into the house and sees that Usher is sick. The narrator tries to help him but Usher's madness is very mysterious and leads to sicknesses that could eventually kill him. Ryleigh #5
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    The doctors pronounce Usher's sister Madeline dead of her mysterious disease. This drives Rodrick Usher even madder and more depressed.
    Ryleigh #5
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    The narrator and Usher put Madeline in a coffin and place her in a copper-lined tomb in the tower. The narrator sees that Madeline looked a lot like Usher and finds out that they were twins.
    Ryleigh #5
  • Rising Action 4

    Rising Action 4
    For seven or eight days after Madeline's burial, Usher is extremely depressed and unhealthy. One night there is a terrible storm and neither the narrator or Usher can sleep, so the narrator starts reading to Rodrick.
    Ryleigh and Kelly
  • Climax

    The narrator and Rodrick hear noises while reading a book. Madeline, Rodrick's twin sister who was buried in the tomb, breaks out half-living and half-conscious. Sam #37
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    Madeline appears in the doorway all bloody and bruised. Both Usher and the narrator are horrified. Jordan #6
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    As Lady Madeline falls dying, she lands on her brother. Because Usher was already unhealthy and scared, he died too as they both fell down.
    Jordan #6
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    The narrator is horrified at the deaths of Usher and Madeline. He runs out of the mansion, finally snapping after weeks of horror. Jordan #6
  • Resolution

    The narrator flees from the mansion after the deaths of Rodrick Usher and his twin sister lady Madeline. As he rides away on his horse, the narrator turns to see the House of Usher sink into the waters of the lake it was built on.
    Kelly #30