The Fall of Saigon

  • Communists take power in China

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • The Korean War begins

  • President Eisenhower sends military advisers to South Vietnam

  • Two North Vietnamese gun boats were said to have attacked and American Destroyer

  • Full-scale American military intervention begins

  • North Vietnam and the Vietcong launch the Tet Offensive

  • American support for the war plummets

  • Johnson decides to extricate the U.S. from Vietnam

  • The Paris Peace Accords called for an end to the fighting

  • Saigon falls to Communists

  • Americans flee Saigon

  • Vietnam institues free-market reforms

  • President Clinton lifts the U.S. trade embargo with Vietnam

  • Diplomatic relations are restored between the U.S. and Vietnam

  • Commander Hung Ba Le, who was a Vietnamese-American, led a U.S. Navy ship to make a goodwill visit to Vietnam