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The exploration of Antarctica

  • The first sight

    The first sight
    on January the 17th 1773 Captain
    James Cook and his crew
    became the first recorded men to
    cross the Antarctic circle. This was the
    first ever recording or description of
    the South Pole and its neighbouring
  • Scott and Shakleton's expedition

    Scott and Shakleton's expedition
    Scott, Shakleton and three other men
    tried to walk to the south pole and were
    unseccessful. They put a English flag at
    the point of where they had to turn back
    because of food shortage.
  • Scotts last expedition

    Scotts last expedition
    The whaling ship Terra Nova left Cardiff, Wales in June 1910. They left with mechanical sledges, ponies, dogs and their equipment. However, the sledges and ponies didn't cope with the conditions and the expedition carried on without them, through appalling weather and extremely tough terrain, In mid December, the dog teams turned back.On 17 January, Scott and four other men reached the geologic South Pole, only to find that Roald Amundsen had beaten them there.
  • First ones there

    First ones there
    On the 14th of December in 1911,
    the first successful trip was led by
    Roald Amundsen to reach the
    geographic south Pole (the exact centre
    of the bottom of the Earth.Scott
    arrived five weeks after Amundsen did.
  • The death of Scott

    The death of Scott
    They started the 1,500 km journey back to the ship but Evans died in mid-February. In March, Oates suffered from severe frostbite and, knowing he was holding back his companions, walked out into the freezing conditions never to be seen again. The remaining three men died of starvation in their tent on 29 March 1912. They were vonly 18 km from a pre-arranged supply depot.
  • The Endurance sets off.

    The Endurance sets off.
    On December the 5th in 1914
    the Endurance leaves the icy
    island named South Georgia
    and reaches the Antarctic Penninsula.
    The captain of the expedition was Ernst
  • The Endurance is stuck

    The Endurance is stuck
    On this day the Endurance got
    crushed by the Antarctic ice
    and Shakleton and his crew had
    to abandon the ship. They had to
    take a risk and grab all the
    equipment on the boat before it sunk.
  • End of the Endurance

    End of the Endurance
    On November the 21st in 1915
    the Endurance sunk to the bottom
    of the ocean after two months of being
    frozen in ice and Shakleton and his crew
    where stuck in the Antarctic Penninsula and
    had to wait until another ship arrived.
  • Roald's death

    Roald's death
    On this day the famous Roald
    Amundsen died because the plane
    he was in named the 2000 crashed
    on a rescue mission.
  • The Antarctic treaty

    The Antarctic treaty
    On this day every country who
    signed the Antarctic Treaty
    pledged that they would only
    use Antarctica for scientific
    reasons and purposes only and there
    was to be no use of any equipment that
    could harm the environment.