The Evolution of the Umbrella - Zahra

  • Apr 6, 1320

    Ancient umbreller

    The ancient umbrellas were first designed to shade from the sun.
  • What they used it for

    The umbrella was Known but not widely used. t was ofton carried by sevents over the masters haeds.
  • In the Dictionaries

    The umbrella had entered dictionaries and had taken the definition we use today.
  • Men Using The Umbrella

    In 1750, an Englishman named Jonah Hanway decided to carry an umbrella everywhere he went.
  • First Umbrella

    At first it was only an accessory suitable for women they
    carried around umbrellas publicly in England for thirty years.
  • Early Umbrellas

    The early European umbrellas were made of wood or whalebone and covered with alpaca or oiled canvas. The artisans made the curved handles for the umbrellas out of hard woods
  • What it was made of.

    From 1800 and onwards improvments to the umbrella had been made. Silk and gingham were used instead of oil silk.
  • Ribbed Umbrella

    In 1852, Samuel Fox invented the steel ribbed umbrella design.Since then, they've evolved.
  • Populer Umbrella

    The umbrella became populer to the western world especially in the Rainy Weather of Northern Europe
  • Period: to

    The Evolution of the Umbrella

  • Banana leaf Umbrellas

    In the beginnning, they used banana Leaves for umbrellas.