The Evolution of Guitar Amplifiers

  • Early Hawaiian Guitars

    Early Hawaiian Guitars
    *Approximate date*
    Early Hawaiian guitars were solid and relied on eletric amplification instead of acoustic sound. It served as the model for early solid body guitars and probably relied on public address amps, created around the same time.
  • Dobro Resonator Guitar

    Dobro Resonator Guitar
    *Approximate date*
    Dobro creates a guitar that utilizes mechanical amplification. It becomes the standard of mechanical amplification, but does not require a separate amplifier.
  • Les Paul Amplification Attempt

    Les Paul Amplification Attempt
    *This is not an exact date, just an estimation*
    Les Paul attached a gramophone needle to his guitar in an attempt to amplify the sound at the age of 13. This is an early attempt at amplification by a man who would go on to create some of the best guitars and amplifiers from that time even to today.
  • Fender Electric Guitar Amplifier

    Fender Electric Guitar Amplifier
    *Approximate date*
    First commercial electric guitar amplifier created by Leo Fender. Fender is also a leading guitar and amplifier manufacturer even to today.
  • Hot Dot Box

    Hot Dot Box
    *Approximate date*
    Barcus Berry came up with the hot dot box, a small pickup for electric guitars that could be attached to the bridge with two small holes less than an eighth of an inch in diameter. This pickup was a very big deal for anyone with a guitar in the 70's.
  • Use of Amps Today

    Use of Amps Today
    Today, Iris, Dena, and I used three amps for a band practice, showing the increased use of amplifiers.