The Evolution of Educational Technology

  • 100,000 BCE

    Development of oral communication

    Development of oral communication
    It is thought that early humans developed communication around 100.000 years ago. While talking about the history of ET it is inevitable to start from communication as we owe every single technological advancement to communication.
  • 3500 BCE

    Invention of writing

    Invention of writing
    The invention of writing is one of the most significant developments in the history of humanity. The first civilization to use writing were the Egyptians, Mesopotamian civilizations, Chinese and Mesoamericans. All of these civilizations began using writing independently in the same period
  • 1450

    Invention of the printing press

    Invention of the printing press
    The invention of the printing press by Gutemberg enabled mass production of books, which were previously written by the clergy in sciptoriums.
  • Blackboard

    James Pillans is credited for the invention of the blackboard. By the middle of the 19th century, this tool became widespread, it started appearing in every class in America. Although there are modern tools that can replace the blackboard, it is still common almost in every country.
  • Introduction of projectors

    Introduction of projectors
    In the beginning, the projectors were used in the US Army to train soldiers during WWII, later more modern projectors became common in education settings at school.
  • Computers

    Computers began appearing in schools in the 80s. During this period the computer-aided programs began developing. Apple incorporated donated computers to support this kind of education. In a short period computers become common in every school.
  • Internet

    Internet in today's world is an indispensable tool that most people make use of. It enables a vast network among people from different places, it facilitates access to knowledge, it creates job opportunities, etc.
  • Microsoft powerpoint, cds, smartboards

    Microsoft powerpoint, cds, smartboards
    The occurrence of ppt, CDs, smartboards serves as an additional aid to the instructor in the learning environment.
  • Metaverse

    Although its name first appears in the 80' metaverse is one of the latest technological advancements. As it can be understood from its name it means beyond the universe. it is a virtual reality, a simulation where you can create your avatar and carry out whatever activity you want there. For instance, you can go shopping, travel, work, conduct a meeting, study and etc.
  • Social media

    Social media
    social media is the general name of applications such as Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It is especially popular among young learners as it allows various usages. In the past few years, Social media become one of the most used social platforms for online learning.