The evolution of cinema in hollywood

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  • The first movie of history of cinema Hollywood

    The first movie of history of cinema Hollywood
    This place was called "Hollywood." Griffith then filmed the first movie in Hollywood, California, a melodrama about California in the 1800s, while belonging to Mexico.
  • The first short film in the history of cinema

    The first short film in the history of cinema
    Traditionally it was believed that the first film in history was the Exit of the workers of the Lumière factory in Lyon Monplaisir of the Lumière brothers of the year 1895, but this was not so. The first filming took place in 1888 and was shot by Louis le Prince.
  • The evolution of cinema

    The evolution of cinema
    The American film industry achieved a privileged position in the mid-1910s, since it had a consolidating industry and the First World War, instead of causing inconvenience, meant a valuable opportunity as it facilitated it to supply the markets that European countries they had neglected, given the limitations imposed by the military confrontation.
  • Period: to

    The beginning

    Hollywood would become in these years, not only synonymous with American cinema, but also in the paradigm of institutional cinema. This paradigm was in force between 1917 and 1960 approximately. David Bordwell has stated that around 1910, most fiction films used similar narrative, temporal and spatial systems, while consolidating the studio production system with its particular division of labor and its markedly industrial character.
  • The first color short film

    The first color short film
    The first feature film in true technicolor is considered to be The Vanity Fair (Beeky Sharp, 1935), by Rouben Mamoulian. The appearance of Technicolor as the most frequently used procedure for making color films dates back to 1932, the year in which the trichromatic system was introduced.
  • Characteristics of classical cinema

    Characteristics of classical cinema
    In this sense, classic Hollywood cinema does not refer exclusively to certain formal conventions or to a set of specific films, but is a system of cinematographic practice: this consists of a series of widely accepted stylistic norms, which constitute an integral system film production that in turn supports them.
  • Who owns Hollywood?

    Who owns Hollywood?
    With a personal fortune of more than 32,000 million dollars, the owner of Wanda, Wang Jianlin, has set his sights on Hollywood and, after acquiring three studios for 8,000 million, now raises an offer for the greats: Paramount, Disney, Warner, Century Fox and Universal at the same time.