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The Evolution of Apple

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    The Evolution of Apple

  • The Apple II

    The Apple II
    The Apple II was invented. This computer was different because of it's advanced color and graphics, setting it away from it's competitors. The rainbow logo represented the Apple II's superior color output.
  • Apple IIc

    Apple IIc
    This computer was Apple's first attempt at a portable computer. The only problem was no portable power supply.
  • Macintosh Portable

    Macintosh Portable
    The was the first Apple computer with a portable power supply. It also had the clearest LCD screen of all desktop computers at that time.
  • Macintosh Classic

    Macintosh Classic
    This computer was an adaptation of Terry Oyama's and Jerry Oyama's Macintosh 128K design.
  • PowerBook 180c

    PowerBook 180c
    This computer was designed much like a laptop. It flipped open the same way. This was also the first PowerBook to depict 640x480 resolution and 256 colors.
  • Twenieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM)

    Twenieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM)
    Apple made 12,000 of these computers but broke the mould and couldn't make anymore, making them seem exclusive, but that did not help the TAM's sales numbers.
  • iMac G3 Tray-Loading

    iMac G3 Tray-Loading
    With this computer, Apple completely revolutionized desk top computers. These were also the first Apple's to be available in a raibow of different colors, Apple made this clear with the slogan "The most colorful way to intenet."
  • iBook

    The first generation of the iBook had a clamshell design and featured wireless internet connection.
  • iMac G4

    iMac G4
    This computer was made from 2000-2004. This showed Apple's desire "slim down". The iMac G4 was also nicknamed the "iLamp" because it's neck swiveled around.
  • iBook G4

    iBook G4
    This laptop was very modern. Iy lacked the translucent design of most other laptops/iBooks at the time. It was very sleek and had a trackpad which was new for computers.
  • The iPhone

    This was Apple's frist touchscreen device.It could do manmy many more things than the computers. It was popular from the start.
  • MacBook Air

    MacBook Air
    This Apple computer was very, very glossy and sleek. It was also one of (if not the) thinnest laptop of that time. It made sure to promote the size by featuring a commercial that depicted the laptop being packaged and shipped in an envelope.
  • First iPad

    The iPad was Apple's largest touch screen device, It was very popular and had different versions over the years.
  • iPhone 5

    This is the newest iPhone. It has a skinnier, sleeker look. Thoughn the software hasn't changed much, everyone is in a scarmble to get one. They are MUCH more popular.