The Day of the Triffids

  • Bill is born

    Bill is the narrorator of the story, it is his thoughs and experiences which move the story forward making him a crucial part of the book and timeline.
  • Triffids are seen world wide, grow in every condition

    Later on in the book, the triffids affect and change most of the characters' opinions and actions.
  • Bill is stung the first time

    Bill being stung before his second sting may have saved his eyesight/ life the second time he was stung.
  • Bill stung on the job by a triffid, blinded. Josella is asleep.

    Because he is blinded and Josella asleep, they cannot witness the comets which will save their eyesight.
  • Earth's orbit passes through comet debris.

    Every person who witneses this specticle discovers they are blind once the event is over. This creates complete chaos on Earth.
  • Bill wakes up to blinded world. Finds Josella.

    Bill is confused and discombobulated until he meets another sighted person (Josella). It is this beginning relationship that later affects their actions and decisions. Triffids become more of a threat to people, triffids begin mass killings of people.
  • Josella and Bill meet up with Micheal Beadly at University

    They meet a full group of sighted people. This introduces them to having to make big decisions on morals and choices in the strange perdicamant.
  • Bill is tricked and now works for Coker

    Bill is seperated from Josella, he later becomes friends with Coker who helps him narrow down his search for Josella.
  • Bill's job with Coker is finished. Begins search for Josella

    This search will lead him first to Susan than to Josella and Shirning Farm. Bill notes the amount of triffids around the country.
  • Bill meets Susan

    Susan becomes a part of Bill's family. Susan also helps Bill find Josella. She has a personal issue with triffids (killed people she was close to)
  • Bill finds Josella at Shirning Farm.

    Bill and Josella are faced with choices on their future. Bill meets the blind owners/ inhabitants at Shirning Farm (Dennis, Mary, Joyce and Mary's unborn baby) these people are part of Bill and Josella's final decision.
  • Bill stays on at Shirning farm

    Bill becomes a farmer and battler of triffids at the farm. He is constantly trying to rid the area of triffids.
  • Triffid population grows, becomes more dangerous

    Susan and Josella bring to Bill's attention the growth in the triffid population and the danger this presents. The triffids eventually break Bill's fence and surround the house.
  • Bill and Josella's baby born (David)

    Bill and Josella will make decisions based on the good of their children (Susan and David) instead of just themselves.
  • Bill and Josella visit the coast, see helicopter

    Helicopter carries Ivan Simpson, a man which will make an offer that will change Bill, Josella and everyone at Shirning farm's lives.
  • Ivan Simpson offers to take on Bill etc. at a settlement

    Settlement would give a chance of a new life free of triffids, this would allow Bill and Josella's children to grow up in a better life.
  • Commander comes to Shirning Farm

    Commander of a big organized group wants to make Shirning Farm into a place where labor is the thing. This disrupts Bill and Josella's plan to leave Shirning Farm considerably.
  • Bill and members at Shirning Farm leave in middle of night

    To escape the Commander and his mass organization plans for the farm and them, the members of the farm leave in the middle of the night to Ivan Simpson's settlement and promise of a better life.