The Da Vinci Code Timeline

  • Discovery of Opus Dei's fate

    Discovery of Opus Dei's fate
    Bishop Manuel Aringarosa discoverd that the Vatican Church wants to disconnect and seperate with the fanatical chatholic organization known as Opus Dei after increasing bad publicity. Aringarosa is awe struck by this information and is contacted by the teacher; a very wealthy and mysterious man searching for the Holy Grail. In echange for Aringarosas survices the teacher will make sure that Opus Dei will stay powerful and connected.
  • Silas kills three senechaux

    Silas kills three senechaux
    Silas ; Bishop Aringarosa's friend and apprentice ordered to obey the teachers every command. The teacher orders Silas to interrogate the three senechaux's of the Priory of Sion to attain the where abouts of the keystone. After interrogating them he killed them. (All the information is supplied by the Teacher.)
  • Silas Kills the Grand Master

    Silas Kills the Grand Master
    Silas then is sent to interrogate the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion to match the information he attained from the three senechaux's.The Grand master is Jacques Sauniere. After his information matches, Silas shoots Sauinere and leaves him to die in the Gallery of the Louvre Museum. "When you are gone, I will be the only one who knows the truth"(4, Brown). This advises Sauniere that he is the last one to know the secret and that he must not let it be lost.
  • Sauniere leaves clues

    Sauniere leaves clues
    Sauniere leaves clues in the Grand Gallery for Robert Langdon, a symbologist, and Sophie Nueve, his grand daughter a crytologist so the secret of the Holy Grail would not be lost forever; after he gave silas a lie along with the three senechaus's. He writes clues on the mona lisa and the floor of the Grand Gallery with a black light marker. Then he positions his body as a star and draws a pentogram on his stomach with blood to draw them in and to give them clues.
  • Faches Investigation

    Bezu Fache the head of the french police investigates the crime scene and finds Robert Langdons name on the floor. He sets up a bust so they can catch Landgon and blame him for the murder of Sauniere.
  • Robert joins

    Robert Langdon comes to the crime scene at Bezu Faches request. He comes half awake at the Louvre Museum to "Help" investigate. He is shocked and interested at what he see's. He believes what Sauniere is trying to depict is pagan feminism.
  • Sophie joins the party

    Sophie Nueve( Saunier's grandaughter) comes to the crime scene at Sauiniers request from a earlier phone call signalling danger and a little spieing in her devision. She uses her cryptographic skills to clear a picture to Langdon about Sauniers meanings. Soon later she warns Robert Langdon about Bezu Fache's intentions.
  • Sophie tells Langdon the truth

    Sophie knows Fach's tactics very well. She secretly gives Robert a message telling him to meet her in the bathroom. She then spills the beans on Fach's operation. She knows her grandfather very well and if she would ever be able to solve Roberts accuser and catch Sauniers murderor she would need Roberts help.
  • Escape Plan

    Sophie devises a sceme to use the Tracking device on Langdon the police stashed on him for their advantage by placing it in a bar of soap and throwing it into a moving truck. The police now scatter the Louvre and chase after the beckon. Then as Robert and Sophie make their hasty escape of the Louvre Robert discovers the meaning behing Sauniers riddle.
  • The Mona lisa

    As they enter the room with many of Da Vinci's beautiful and mysterious peices of art they come to the Mona lisa. Using the black pen to search and uncover ny hidden riddles they can only find blood on the floor except for a riddle on Mona Lisas face "SO DARK THE CON OF MAN". Sophie realises it was an anagram for Madonna of the Rocks. So she looked behind it and found a key. Then except for almost being arrested by a guard Sophie and Langdon escaped the Louvre undetected.
  • Escaping and discovering

    As Langdon and Sophie search for a safe haven they find that the US embassy has a french baracade in front of it. So while evading the police langdon discovers the odd key they found has an oily base on one side. With the black light they discover that the key has an address on it. 24 Rue Haxo
  • The Grail's address?

    After finding the address written on the key with the special invisable marker and going to the address they find that it is not a Priory headquarters or the location of the Grail but actually a high security swiz bank known as the Bank of Zurich for the rich and powerful. "Sophie and langdon were holding the key to a Swiss bank deposit box"(172, Brown). As they enter the bank the key in a way magicaly opens up the high security bank to two fugitives.
  • The vault

    After getting into the bank extreamly easily they discover the key has a vault waiting for them. But with this new found disbeliefe comes a problem. The key does open the vault but so does a pass code.
  • The Vault opens

    Through the night they have desifered all of Sauniers riddles, puzzles, hobbies, and plesures with Da Vinci and other famous artists and scientists. Including his passion of the Fibonacci Sequence. Cuisadentally the written numbers found by Sauniers body was the Fibonacci Sequence in random. The Fibonacci sequence was the pass code to the Vault. As soon after they enter the code the conveior belt lifts up their prize.
  • The Keystone

    As the Vault is hauled up by conveior belts and oppened the two discover nothing amazing except for a well crafted rose wood box with the priory symbol on top. "Its perfect size, to hold. . . a chalice"(191, Brown). As they open it they know their adventure had just begun with the attaining of the keystone. The stone that leads the way to the Holy Grail.