10 Important Events from The Crucible

  • Dancing in the Woods; Act One

    Dancing in the Woods; Act One
    Around June 10, 1692, many young girls from Salem, Massachusetts were found dancing in the woods. Reverend Parris caught them, around some kind of stew. One of the girls was naked. Once the girls spotted him, they all scattered. Parris grabbed Abigail, his niece, and Betty before they could run away. Later, he confronted Abigail about the situation. "I cannot blink what I saw, Abigail, for my enemies will not blink it. I saw a dress lying on the grass." Abigail denied anyone being naked.
  • Abigail Threatening Mary; Act One

    Abigail Threatening Mary; Act One
    After Mary Warren said that they should confess, Abigail Williams threatened the girls that were involved in the dancing. Abigail said, "And mark this. Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you." This is the point in the play when the readers realize how much power Abigail has over the other girls.
  • Hale Comes to Town; Act One

    Hale Comes to Town; Act One
    Reverend Hale came to Salem with stacks of books so he would be able to help provide some insight about witchcraft to everyone. Parris first invited the well respected witch hunter to come to Salem so Hale could help diagnose his daughter, Betty, whom was comatose in a bed. Everyone in Salem went crazy once he said that her problem could have to do with something supernatural. Hale, at this point, is blinded by power.
  • The Lies; Act One

    The Lies; Act One
    After Hale comes to town and declares that there is witchcraft, everything goes downhill. Once Tituba is accused of witchcraft, she accuses Sarah Good and Goody Osburn. After Tituba accuses them, all of the girls chime in. Abigail was the first to shout out, "I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!" Many others were also accused. Approximately eleven people were supposedly with the Devil.
  • The Forgotten Commandment; Act Two

    The Forgotten Commandment; Act Two
    Hale comes to Proctor's house to inspect for signs of witchcraft. Hale starts asking them questions about themselves. One such question is if they know their Commandments. Elizabeth, without hesitation, says that she does. Proctor is hesitant. Hale asked him to recite them. He said them all but one. "Adultery, John.", Elizabeth reminds him. It is assumed that Proctor forgot this Commandment because of his guilt of commiting adultery with Abigail Williams.
  • John's Confession; Act Two

    John's Confession; Act Two
    After Proctor forgetting a Commandment, Hale starts out. He stops when Elizabeth says, "I think you must tell him, John." Hale is curious. Proctor explains that he has no witnesses and that he cannot prove his word, but he knows that all of the girl's sicknesses have nothing to do with witchcraft. Hale asked how he knew this and Proctor admitted that Abigail Williams told him. Hale wondered why he kept this information and Proctor said that he didn't realize that the town had gotten this wild.
  • Elizabeth's Disbelief; Act Two

    Elizabeth's Disbelief; Act Two
    Hale asked Proctor if he believes in witches and Proctors response was, "I have no knowledge of it; the Bible speaks of witches, and I will not deny them." Proctor responded very well, Elizabeth, however, did not. When Hale asked her if she believed in them, she said that she cannot believe in witches because if she is accused of being one, after she has led an upright life, she just cannot believe that there are any at all. "If you think that I am one, then I say there are none.
  • The Poppet; Act Two

    The Poppet; Act Two
    After many people have entered John and Elizabeth's home, Cheever asks if there are any poppets in their home. Elizabeth says that she hasn't kept poppets since she was a child. Cheever mentioned the poppet on the mantel and she explained that it was Mary's poppet. Cheever then found a needle in the poppet's stomach. "And what signifies a needle!", Proctor shouted. Cheever explains that Abigail Williams was stabbed in the stomach by a needle.
  • The Women Who "Never" Lies; Act Three

    The Women Who "Never" Lies; Act Three
    After Proctor confessed to committing adultery with Abigail, Danforth decided to test Elizabeth's honesty. He had Proctor and Abigail turn their backs and had Elizabeth enter the room. He asked why Elizabeth dismissed Abigail as her servant. Elizabeth said she dissatisfied them. He asked how. Elizabeth says she thought her husband fancied Abigail. Danforth said, "Your husband-did he indeed turn from you?" Elizabeth said no. Proctor then told her that he already confessed as she is lead away.
  • "He Have His Goodness Now"; Act Four

    "He Have His Goodness Now"; Act Four
    After signing a document saying that he was in contact with the devil and then ripping it into shreds in order to keep his family's name clean, Proctor was chained and taken away. As he was escorted, Parris and Hale were yelling at Elizabeth saying that there was still time. She could go convince him to confess. Elizabeth responded to them by saying, "He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!" Proctor had then made peace with himself and his sins.