The Crucible

Timeline created by Kneegrow1hunnit
  • The Woods

    In the beginning of the story Mr.Parris catches a bunch of the town girls dancing around a fire claiming to cast spells on people.
  • Betty

    Betty goes into a coma and worries everyone in the village.
  • Accused

    Mr.parris asks abigail what were they doing in the woods so early in the morning and who was naked
  • Liar

    Abigail tells Mr.Parris that it was Tituba's doing and she gets whipped then she lies saying she seen the devil and she wants to be cured
  • Reverend Hail

    Mr.Parris gets worried for betty so he requests for a minister to examine her
  • Cured

    Betty some how wakes up from her "slumber" tituba and abigail say they want to be free of the devil to trick everyone
  • Adultry

    Elizabeth finds about John Proctor's affair with Abigail
  • Soup

    Hail asks Mr.Parris if they were dancing around a fire while they were in the woods Mr.Parris saying there was. Hail also asks if there was a frog or chicken in the soup
  • Witchery

    Hail has all the girls that were apart of the "Dance" to sit down and be questioned
  • Pointy Reckoning

    Abigail tells all the that if anyone tells the truth that she would personally kill them herself just keep them quiet.
  • Court now in session

    All the girls accuse a bunch of random people for sending spirits into them sp they begin a case
  • Elizabeth Accused

    Mary Warren comes home to Mr and Mrs.Proctor telling them that Abigail accused Elizabeth so she can have Proctor to herself
  • Poppet

    Warren gives Elizabeth a poppet that Abigail made and purposely put a needle in the stomach of it to make it look like Elizabeth had a voodoo doll for Abigail
  • Danforth and Hathorne

    Danforth and Hathorne had Martha Corey come up and say her defense against the trial. they also question Giles Corey putting rocks on his chest trying to get some information about him.
  • Trickery

    Abigail makes it seem like every defendant is casting some kind of spell on her whether if it makes her cold confused or frightened.
  • Jail

    Elizabeth, Martha Carey, Nurse Rebecca, Tituba and many more are all sent to prison for witchery.
  • Pregnant

    Proctor later gets infromation that Elizabeth is indeed prego and will remain in jail but not hanged fora year until the baby is born
  • God is Dead

    Abigail and her followers pretend to see a flying bird and all run outside into the river. proctor witnesses how much nonsense the judges and people are beleiving anss shouts "GOD IS DEAD!"
  • Runner

    While everyone focuses on Proctor meanwhile Abigail runs away so she wouldn't have to see Proctor get hanged
  • Redemption

    Proctor wants to go home so Danforth has cheever write down every word Proctor is going to say then have him sign a confessio. John feels guilt and decides to rip up the confession because it is a lie and he feels guilt and decides to take his life as the right thing to do.