How To Train Your Dragons 2 Timeline

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In Film
  • The Race

    The Race
    Hiccup and his crew are introduced in the beginning on the island of Berk, doing Dragon Racing. Hiccup, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Astrid, Snoutlout, and Chief Stoic are in the first 5 minutes.
  • Hiccup Adventure

    Hiccup Adventure
    Hiccup is riding Toothless across the ocean, doing tricks and having fun. They see a couple different types of dragons. Hiccups also tries out his model wings. Hiccup and Toothless crash.
  • The Apology

    The Apology
    Toothless wants an apology, so he dangles Hiccup off the edge of an island. Hiccup and Toothless joke around and Hiccup adds more to his map.
  • The Chief Talk

    The Chief Talk
    Hiccup and Astrid mock the conversation Hiccup and Stoic had about Hiccup becoming chief. Astrid and Hiccup have a disagreement about if Hiccup is meant to be chief
  • Smoke and the Outpost

    Smoke and the Outpost
    Hiccup sees smoke in the distance, so Astrid and Hiccup ride to see that an outpost has been demolished by ice from and unknown source. They meet dragon hunters working for Drago, who try to take Toothless and Stormfly.
  • Another Talk

    Another Talk
    Hiccup tries to talk to Stoic, but he keeps pushing it off until Hiccup mentions Drago Bludvist. Stoic then shuts down the entire island and forces everyone to stay on the island. Hiccup wants to talk sense into Drago, but Stoic says that he can't. Astrid and Hiccup escape the island and fly to find Drago.
  • The Memory

    The Memory
    Stoic recalls when he was younger, him and other members of the council came together to talk about how to deal with the dragons. Drago said that he trying to free mankind from the dragons, saying that he was the only one to control them. He set armored dragons on the council, and Stoic was the only one to escape. Stoic shows this to say that Drago can't be reasoned with.
  • Mysterious Rider

    Mysterious Rider
    Hiccup goes to talk to Drago when a mysterious rider comes after them. The rider takes Hiccup off of Toothless' back Hiccup screams that Toothless can't fly on his own. The rider continues on. Hiccup calms down all the mysterious dragons and asks who the rider is. Toothless is given back and shown to be fine.
  • Mother....

    The mysterious rider is shown to be Hiccup's mother. His mother shows that she took him to a sanctuary for dragons, and that the ice was from a King of Dragons. Stoic uses Hiccup's mask to follow their trail.
  • Another Memory

    Another Memory
    Hiccup's mother recalls that she thought that dragons and humans could be friends. People didn't believe her, but she saw that Cloudjumper was a kind and compassionate dragon.
  • Eret and Mother

    Eret and Mother
    Hiccup's crew finds the dragon trappers, and convince them to take them to Drago. Hiccup and his mother have bonding time.
  • Captured

    Astrid and the crew find Drago's army of ships. Eret and the crew get captured, and Astrid boasts about Hiccup before being locked up. Stormfly saves Eret's life.
  • The Married

    The Married
    Stoic finds out that his wife is still alive, and hugs her. They kiss and sing their marriage song together
  • Escape

    Eret helps Astrid and the others escape from Drago, taking out some of his men. Eret and Stormfly seem to trust each other now.
  • The Fight Part I

    The Fight Part I
    The dragons start going crazy, and Drago shows up on the Dragon Sanctuary's shores. Valka says that they must stop Drago at all costs. The fight begins and the crew comes to help. They start doing damage to Drago's forces before Drago brings out his Dragon King.
  • The Fight Part II

    The Fight Part II
    The battle continues, and Stoic and Drago fight as Val tries to stop the Alphas from fighting. The Dragon king dies, and Drago's alpha takes control of all the dragons. Drago sends all the dragons after Val, but Stoic saves her. Hiccup tries to talk sense into Drago, but Drago doesn't see sense.
  • Toothless

    Drago forces the alpha to command Toothless to attack Hiccup. Hiccup tries to talk Toothless out of it, but it doesn't work. Stoick takes the hit for Hiccup and Drago forced all of his troops and the dragons to go to Burk. Hiccup is mad at Toothless and pushes him away. Toothless remains under control of the Alpha.
  • Baby Dragons

    Baby Dragons
    After Hiccup lights Stoick's pyre, he has an idea to take the baby dragons to Burk because they cannot become enthralled by the alpha.
  • Berk

    Back on Berk, Drago and his army arrive, taking control of the city and everyone's dragons. Hiccup and the crew arrive at Berk to help liberate the town. Hiccup tried to reason with Toothless while he is under control of the alpha while the crew tried to distract said alpha. Hiccup finally gets through to Toothless.
  • The Ice

    The Ice
    Toothless and Hiccup try to separate Drago and the alpha. Hiccup asks Toothless if he trusts him, and blindfolds his dragon. Hiccup lights the alpha's face on fire. The alpha tried to shoot Hiccup with ice powers, but Toothless protects him.
  • Toothless the Alpha

    Toothless the Alpha
    Toothless challenges the alpha to protect Hiccup. Hiccup wins and becomes the alpha. All of the dragons fire at the alpha, and the alpha leaves.
  • Chief

    Hiccup becomes chief and later helps rebuild the city as the movie ends.