The Creation of Cell Theory and the Microscope

  • Hans Jansen

    Hans Jansen co-creates the prototype of the micro and telescope.
  • Zacharias Janessen

    Created the first compound microsope.
  • Hans Lippershey

    Hans Lippershey is "speculated" to have created the first telescope
  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo created the first telescope.
  • Robert Hooke

    Robert Hooke observes pores in a sliver of cork which he indentifies as cells.
  • Anton van Leeuwenhoek

    Anton was the first scientist to obsrve bacteria through a microscope.
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow co-created cell theory.
  • Theodor Schwann

    Co-created cell theory
  • Robert Remak

    Robert Rema discovered and named three germ layers in an embryo.
  • Ernst Abbe

    Enst Abbe creates the "Abbe Sine Condition" which increased the resolution in a microscope.
  • Ernst Ruska

    Co-inventor of tye electron microscope.
  • Max Knoll

    Co-invented the electron microscope.
  • Leo Szilard

    Leo Szilard patents the first atomic chain reaction.
  • Gerd Binnig

    Co-invented the scanning tunnelling microscope.
  • Heinrich Rohrer

    Co-invented the scanning tunnelling microscope.
  • Hirox Co ltd.

    Created the first digital microscope in 1986.
  • Mathieas Jakob Schleiden

    Along with two other scientists, established cell theory in 1839.