The Conservative Resurgence

  • Air-traffic Controllers Strike

    Many air-traffic controllers went on strike. Reagan would not make a deal with them so the striking workers were fired because there were breaking the law.
  • Equal Access Act

    The act required puclib secondary schools to offer equal access to the schools facilities to everyone.
  • Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act

    It was an act that constrained the spending of the government. It balanced the budget.
  • Iran-Contra Affair

    It was when the U.S. sold weapons to Iran for them to pressure the terrorists in Lebanon to let go of their American hostages.
  • Westside Community School District vs. Mergens

    It passed the Equal Access Act, for equal access to school facilities for all children.
  • Reno v. ACLU

    It wanted to protect minors by making it a crime to post obscene or indecent messages over the Internet.
  • Mitchell v. Helms

    It allowed for help and aid to be given to religious schools.
  • Bush v. Gore

    It resolved the 2000 Presidential Election in the favor of George Bush.