The company that lead the Silicon Valley of the North

  • A company created from a icon

    A company created from a icon
    Nortel is create by Bell Canada just to built fire arlam and boxes. It is located in Monteral. It is called Northern Electronics. It started like some other companies just to increase profits.
  • Aqucasion starts the company

    Aqucasion starts the company
    Northern aqurie a cable company and a wiring company. This was a the growing stages of Nortel
  • A pioneer

     A pioneer
    Nortel reinvented the music player that was invented by Thomas Edision. Like Edision fame and forture, Nortel did become the same thing
  • A bond between two nation

    A bond between two nation
    In 1914, North Weterns is merged with some Americans company. Nortel is both candian and American( General Electric which owned AT&T). Bell owned 50% which General Electric owned 40%
  • Helpping the nation

    Helpping the nation
    Northern help Canada's world war one efort by suply thngs that was need by the military. There profits soared above there shares
  • Being with the people

    Being with the people
    After the war was over, Northern help the canadian household by suplying appliance. This help them boom by focusing on People needs
  • Period: to

    Helpping canada

    During the golden Era of the world. Bussiness soared and people where happy. People were getting hire from alot and so did the bussiness
  • A depression whiten a company

    A depression whiten a company
    The effect the company by a lot. It reduce there staff by 66%. This was suppose to be the ending of Nortel
  • rebuilding to save them sevles

    rebuilding to save them sevles
    But, they invented new product that reach the market.
  • Connecting Canada

    Connecting Canada
    One way was to design a telopline that will go through all the major cities at that time. It was like the Grand Pafic Railway
  • A coperate phone ancestor

    A coperate phone ancestor
    Northern Electric devolp the 205 telephone, mordern phone are based on this model. People wanted it and more money in Notrel Pokects.
  • Before Ottawa

    Before Ottawa
    Northern open an R&D place in Montreal and this will impact ottawa in the future. There later aqquried land in Ottawa and the rest is history.
  • Period: to

    A boom in War

    In 1939, World war 2 broke out, Northern turned it into factories and that helping the country. It manufacture about 30,000 tanks, increase there staff up to 8,000 people and provide canada sercret weapon
  • A spilt that change direction

    A spilt that change direction
    Northern was part of AT&T at that time. The American goverment forced them to get rid of their Subteriasis. Northern is fully owned by Bell
  • A staple for 20 years

    A staple for 20 years
    Northern works in ctromechanical switching, allowing push-button phone dials and direct inter-city dialing.this automated system is the company's first advancement towards computerized switching.
  • Help a industry

    Help a industry
    The tv industry grow and Northern realize to make it this will help them
  • The start in Ottawa

    The start in Ottawa
    Notrel open a lab in Ottawa in R&D, it starts as a 800 people and grows as more people move into Kanata and more product devolp and make it different from other goverment town. The devolpment made Kanata attractive to a lot of people and Orginazation like the Ottawa Senators
  • fibro-optic hear we come

    fibro-optic hear we come
    Nortel become popular because of its fibro-optic, this help the company as the progress. fibro-optic became important in the 90s
  • The digital future start

    The digital future start
    Nortel idea in the digital future became important as they tried to compete with other American-companys
  • New design leads the new way

    New design leads the new way
    The employes at nortel start realing on there on products just to boom. This required the best people in Ottawa. It will help attract customers that created this demand.
  • The burst of the company

    The burst of the  company
    Nortel start booming with people employed from local university and there profits went out of the roof. More poeple were hired and more people wanted shares to make money
  • A tricoporate company

    A tricoporate company
    Bell combine all three company. This lead to them running all of it
  • The day that led to the change in Ottawa

    The day that led to the change in Ottawa
    On 1984, two former employer, Terry Mattew and Micheal Cowpland found mitel and it became an instant succes. Both of them are from England who migrated to Ottawa then got employed for jobs in Notel.After they left Mitel, they both formed more companies which lead to the boom of the tech parks built in Kanata which made soon the " Silicon Valley of the North". This lead to changes and devolpment in other industries. Both of them are still working.
  • The leader who was driving the boom in canada glory years

    The leader who was driving the boom in canada glory years
    On that day, John Roth took over CEO and Nortel saw its very big boom. It generated over $328 billion dollars and made Canada in the tops market in the World. There are simmliar boom with some of the same companies in Ottawa into the ranks. He left after Controversity with the Stock Market.
  • 100 years and where are we

    100 years and where are we
    This day prove that nortel is a big company. it provide service and Ottawa was a city with money making everyway. People feared of the price rasing and the expensions of tech park all over ottawa. Nortel has over $398 billion and 95,000 people working world wide including 24,500 people in Ottawa. This lead to the polsibility of a brighter future under the sun
  • The change

    The change
    In 1998, Northern aquried bay networks and that forced to change there nay to Nortel.
  • The fast internet in earth

    The fast internet in earth
    Nortel use to have the fast internet in the world which put them into the ranks of Microsoft and the banks in the world.People wanted Notrel and it was growing.
  • The bubble burst

    The bubble burst
    On this day,the econmy change by losoing money. It use to be where money was spend crazies by when the bubble burst only small companies servies. It effected ottawa Companies like JDPU Which they moved to California. This did effect Nortel because of overspending. This lead to stopping the growth of the citiy which they still have like there expensive Housing prices or that Lamourgini .
  • Period: to

    The loss with money

    This period reduce there workers by 60,000 and there profits were less then $5 billion dollars. This solwed the housing devolping in Kanata north. People moved to other places. Ottawa became a cheaper places. More Companies move to California. People becoming Bankrupt and more people wanted to work in in the goverment jobs. With the Canadian Dollars rising assmebly lines moved to China
  • The first peice giving away

    The first peice giving away
    On this day, Ericcson bought nortel most valuebale peice for $1.13 billion dollars. This layed of some people and so did other aquirsation by other comapnys effect Kanta
  • Ottawa now the goverment town

    Ottawa now the goverment town
    On this day the remanding campus was sold to the goverment of Canada. This will be expenticting another housing boom in Kanata north and new devolpment in kanata