The colonial history of Indonesia

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    Jan 1, 1490

    The colonial history of Indonesia

  • May 20, 1498

    Events that led to the discovery of Indonesia

    Events that led to the discovery of Indonesia
    When the Portuguese discovered India in 1498 they realized that this region is really rich and wealthy and they wanted to profit from that. So they conquered several regions during that time to improve their majority in this region.
    The will of the Europeans to profit from the trade with spices especially the will of the Portuguese led to the discovery of Indonesia. Picture: In this picture you can see Vasco De Gamma who discoverd India in 1498.
  • Jan 1, 1500


    Indonesia had its seeds in the austronesian populations. These people came thousands years ago to Indonesia.
    The Europeans were interested in the Indonesian islands because of their exotic resources like spices.
  • Jan 10, 1500

    Religion spread in Sumatra

    Religion spread in Sumatra
    The Muslim religion spread in the 15th century in Sumatra for the first time.
  • Aug 24, 1511

    The conquest of Malakka

    The conquest of Malakka
    In 1511 the Portuguese conqueror Alfonso de Albuquerque conquered the sultanate of Malakka. The Portuguese hoped that with this conquest they could improve their majority in trade in this area. But it didn´t work out as they wanted it because many dealers ignored the island and used other ways to trade in this region. Picture: In this picture you can see Alfonso De Albuquerque who conquered Malakka.
  • Apr 4, 1575

    The portuguese get driven out of the island

    The portuguese get driven out of the island
    In 1575 the portuguese got driven out of the island of Ternate because they had murdered the son of the sultane. This led to the fact that the islam could grow fast
  • The effects of the colonisation on the religion

    The effects of the colonisation on the religion
    The colonization of the Portuguese also had a big effect on the religion of this country. During the time of the Portuguese not only dealers came there to trade with these people on these islands, there were also a lot of people from the church who came there for example some missionaries. All in all this led to the fact that in 1590s they almost had 60000 Christians there.
  • Islam reached Java

    Islam reached Java
    At the early 16th century the new religion Islam reached Java because of the Arabic tradesman.
  • The Dutch succeded

    The Dutch slowly succeed in setting up as a ruler and cutted out the Portuguese step by step eastbound.
  • VOC

    VOC was a company which was founded to controll the trade by the Dutch spice trade.
    It was the biggest tradecompany of the 17th and 18th century.
  • Christianity failed

    Christianity failed
    The Europeans aim to spread the Christianity failed in spite of their military power.
  • Spanish conquer Ternate

    The Spaniards conquered Ternate in 1606 but they could only keep it up until the landing of the Dutchmen in 1607, this brought the splitting of the island with itself.
  • Portuguese conquered Ambon

    Portuguese conquered Ambon
    After the conquest of Ambon by the Portuguese in February, 1605 the VOC protected to itself the main cultivation area of the clove.
  • Increasing of the sultanate's power

    In the 16th century the power and the influence of sultanates like Aceh, Ternate, Tidore or Malakka increased.
  • Conquest of the Banda Islands

    Conquest of the Banda Islands
    Due to the conquest of the Banda islands in the beginning of the 1620th the VOC received by Coen ( A Sailor) the monopoly about the nutmeg.
  • Bali was already Hindu and Buddhist

    Bali was already Hindu and Buddhist
    Actually the island Bali was all the time Hindu and Buddhist. Picture: At the picture you can see the Dharmachakra which represents the Noble Eightfold Path.
  • Conquest of Palembang

    Conquest of Palembang
    The city of Palembang, on the east coast of Sumatra, fell in 1659 in the hands of the VOC. That was a Dutch group to control the spice trade in this region.
  • Expulsion of the Portuguese

    The Dutchmen expelled the remaining Portuguese from Makassar and destroyed in 1667 together with the allied Bugis the port, which was the last place from where trade was still not under their control.
  • Population was almost completely Muslim

    Until the 17th and 18th century the Indonesian population was almost completely Muslim.
  • British Dutch war around Java

    British Dutch war around Java
    The British-Dutch war around Java was a militant conflict in 1811 between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands which occurred on the Indonesian island Java. The reason for this conflict was the insolvenzy of the VOC. The VOC controlled the Dutch spice trade and the Dutch terrytory there. The war ended with a British victory and led to the appointment of Thomas Stamford Raffles as a governor of the island Java. (The citynames who are encircled white show you the parts of Java.)
  • Indonesia became a Dutch colony

    In the year of 1818 Indonesia became a Dutch colony.