The cold war and america land of freedom

  • 193 indian reorganisation act

  • Period: to

    cold war and land of freedom

  • Period: to


  • Executive orders

  • America entered WWII

  • Period: to

    Bracero Program

  • Detroit riots

  • Battle of the Bulge

  • Yalta conference

  • Iwa jima

  • America's first atomic bomb

  • Potsdam conference

  • Hiroshima bombings

  • Greek civil war

  • US and Britain combined berlin

  • Hollywood 10

  • Czechoslovakia becomes communist

  • Period: to

    Berlin blockade

  • End of segregation in the armed forces

  • Period: to

    German democratic republic created

  • Period: to

    COMECON created

  • NATO founded

  • USSR make the Atomic bomb

  • McCarthy list of 205 communists

  • Rosenbergs convicted

  • Batista to power

  • USA invent the Hydrogen bomb

  • Period: to

    Brown vs Topeka

  • Stalin dies

  • Rosenbergs executed

  • Period: to

    Hernandez vs Texas

  • Little Rock nine

  • Warsaw Pact

  • Vietnam becomes indipendant

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    USSR create the atomic bomb

  • start of Montgomery bus boycott

    lasted 381 days
  • Fidel Castro overthrow attempt of Cuba

  • Southern Christian Leadership Conferance (SCLC)

  • Voting rights

  • Castro overthrows Batista

  • Krushchev visits USA

  • Sit ins in Woolworths

  • 1960 civil rights act- voting supervisions

  • Period: to

    Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee set up (SNCC)

  • The Pill

  • Period: to

    Enough bombs to destroy the world

  • Period: to

    John F. Kennedy is President

  • Period: to

    kennedy authorizes bay of pigs invasion

  • Period: to

    Bay of pigs

  • Period: to

    freedom rides

  • The Presidential Commission on the Status of Women

  • Period: to

    United Farm workers Union founded

  • U-2 planes detect missiles in Cuba

  • Period: to

    US change policy in Vietnam

    happens some time in the middle of the year
  • "Feminine mystique" published

  • Period: to

    Birmingham victory

  • Equal pay act

  • Kremlin- White House hotline

  • 250,000 march on Washington - MLK "i have a dream" speech

  • Kennedy assasinated

  • Period: to

    Johnson in power

  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King gets the nobel peace prize

  • Malcom x leaves the Nation of Islam

  • Period: to

    Freedom summer starts

    started some time in June. Lasted 10 weeks.
  • Civil rights act

  • Malcom X Killed by NofI

  • Bloody Sunday- Alabama marches

  • Voting rights Act

  • Period: to

    Watts riots- California

  • Imigration Act

  • "Black power"

  • NOW ~Mational Organizarion for Women

  • Period: to

    North Chicago marches

  • Black Panters founded

  • Period: to

    A number of Grape Boycotts

  • Period: to

    Riots in Newark

  • Detroit riots

  • Period: to

    MALDEF- Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

    founded some time in this year. date unknown
  • Period: to

    Miss America protests

  • AIM- African Indian Movement

  • MLK assasinated

  • Period: to

    Nixon encourages African-American Buisnesses

  • Period: to

    Roe vs Wade

  • ERA- Equal Rights Amendment

  • Title IX of the education amendments act

  • Period: to

    Trail of broken treaties

    started some time in October, ended early November
  • Wounded knee

    Lasted 71 days. 2 killed
  • Period: to

    Boldt Decision

    happened some time in this year. date unknown.
  • Agricultual labour relations act

  • Hyde amendment

  • Indian religious freedon act