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The Civil War Timeline

  • Period: to

    The Civil War

    timespan for the civil war
  • the election of Abraham Lincoln

    location: South Carolina
    length: 4 years
    who won: Abraham Lincoln
    significance: Took his spot as 16th president of the US. His election was looked upon as the beginning of events that led up to the civil war. Idea to carry all the free states, not the slave states.
  • the confederacy of the united states is formed

    location:fort sumter
    significance:during the civil war the north tried to destroy the southern way of life and it had to be rebooted
  • fort sumter

    locaiton:Charleston, South Carolina
    length:a day
    who won: confederates
    significance: where civil war essentially started, place to keep troops in the fort, supply storage
  • the first battle of bull run

    locaiton:manassas, virginia
    length:most of the day
    who won:
    significance: signaled an end to the innocence that both sides had to the war, bloodiest battle and second largest battle ,rejoice over triumph
  • battle of fort henry

    location: Stewart and Henry County, Tennessee
    length: about 6 days (feb 6-12)
    significance:successful defense for Americans, peace treaty with britian to stop killing of any people
  • the battle of fort donelson

    length: 5 days
    who won: confederate surrender
    significance:cut off large #s of the confederate forces, Union was sentimently trying to come towards confederacy from slave states
  • The battle of Shiloh

    location:western theater
    length:from April 6, 1862 to April 7, 1862
    who won: the Union
    significance:moved the union closer to its "western goal"which was to gain control of the mississippi river.
    the battle of shiloh was one of the deadliest battles in american history
  • the battle of antietam

    length: a couple days
    who won:the union
    significance:the battle forced the confederate army to retreat back across the pontiac river, issued the emancipation proclamation
  • battle of fredricksburg

    location: fredricksburg, virginia
    length: four days (dec. 11-15)
    who won: no great victory for either side
    significance:burside's attempt to move south for attack that had failed
  • the emancipation proclamation is signed

    location:washington dc
    length: prolong
    significance: war measure, led to helping free some slaves. Proclaimed the freedom of slaves in 10 states
  • battle of chancellorsville

    location:Chancellorsville, Virginia
    length: a week
    who won:confederates
    significance: This battle was Lee's greatest victory or at least seen as his greatest victory. Although this battle was seen as one of the Souths greatest losses.
  • battle of vicksburg

    length: about 6 weeks (may 18 to july 4)
    who won: The union
    significance: There was control over the Mississippi River put in play. This put an effect on trading and transporting goods.
  • battle of gettysburg

    location: Virginia to Pennsylvania
    length:2 days (1st through 3rd)
    who won: the union
    significance: Gettysburg was the turning point of the civil war. This battle was the costliest battle around the time of The Civil war.
  • battle of fort wagner

    location:Morris Island
    length: fought on july 11th and july 18th
    who won:union by siege
    significance: fourth time during the war that black troops had a combat role. remembered by blacks fighting as hard as possible to end slavery.
  • battle of chickamauga

    location:Chickamauga, Georgia
    length: sep. 19th to sep 20th
    who won:confederates
    significance: Confederates won but did not push their limits or exceed advantages. Reinforcements.
  • The Gettysburg Address

    location:Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    length:one day
    significance: turning point of the civil war, equal justice for all. This was a way of telling public about the civil war,
  • battle of chattanooga

    length:2 days (nov 23- nov 25)
    who won:confederates
    significance: Fought for control over Chattanooga. Gave people the ability to move south.
  • the re-election of abraham lincoln

    location: universal
    length:4 years
    significance:won the republican nomination for precidency and was believed to make a change
  • The surrender of the appomattox courthouse

    location:northern virginia
    length: one day
    significance:robert e lee surrendered the confederate army, stripped food and supplies
  • the assassination of abraham lincoln

    location:washington dc
    length:one day
    significance:this was the first assassination of a U.S president and it showed his protection of his job and commitment