the change of chicago hip hop

  • chicago own sound

    chicago  own  sound Chicago hip hop artists have never coalesced around an easily defined style or sound (with the exception of the recent drill scene). Instead, Chicago hip hop artists took inspiration from a variety of regional influences - initially the East Coast, with its jazz and soul based sampling and "conscious" lyricism. At the same time, other Chicago artists embraced West Coast production, with its fu
  • twista aka tang twista

    twista aka tang twista
    twista became the fastest rapper in the history of rap.
  • Common

    Common debuted his album called "It will all make sense". This album represents Common's struggle growing up in the west side of Chicago.common is one of the best 'conscience rap ' artist
  • do or die debut their first song

    do or die debut their first song
  • dion turner

    a god was born.
  • drill rap was born

    drill rap was born new sound that has recently gotten very popular in Chicago is a new style of hip hop called drill music that formed on Chicago's South Side. This style is very slow, repetitive, heavily influenced by trap music which is synonymous with Southern hip-hop and far more thuggish than the music Chicago rappers of the past have put out and is considered representative of the South Side's dangerous environment and its effect on the youth. The main rapper in this scene who has brought this style to mai
  • the difference between drill rap and conscience rap

    the difference between drill rap and conscience rap
    The age of drillers skews young; many prominent musicians in the scene started getting attention while still in their teens.One of the genre's most prominent musicians, Chief Keef was 16 when he signed a multi-million dollar record contract with Interscope,and in an extreme example Lil Wayne co-signed the 13-year-old driller Lil Mouse.Critics have noted drill rappers' lack of concern with metaphor or wordplay. Chief Keef said that his simplistic flow is a conscious stylistic choic