The Challengers

  • Cade Havok is born.

    Cade Havok is born.
    Cade Havok is born - with unique Chaos gene. the Gene is present in 0.00001% of humans.
  • Jason Havok is born.

    Jason Havok is born.
    Jason Havok is born - with unique Chaos gene. the Gene is present in 0.00001% of humans.
  • Crey Biotech opens "Project Labyrinth"

    Crey Biotech opens "Project Labyrinth"
    Upon murdering Clarissa Van Dorn and placing Count Alphonse in a mysterious "coma", Julianne Thompson begins to make various changes to the structure and design of Crey Biotech's R&D department. She acquires MIT graduate "Raymond Corradine" and using the pharmaceutical branch of the company, places genetic markers on millions of families across the eastern seaboard of the United States in an attempt to gauge the future of the mutant gene. This leads to the discovery of the Miller family.
  • Grant Miller is born

    Grant Miller is born to Michael and Amanda Miller. Genetic markers placed by Crey Biotech in the late 80's reveal that his mutant gene and evolutionary rate are the most potent. It is concluded that Project Labyrinth will shift focus to Miller for potential future projects, as he has the potential to become the most powerful homosapien-superior on the planet.
  • Michael Miller elected as Rhode Island Senator

    In a landslide victory, Michael Miller defeats longtime Senator "Claiborne Pell", taking up a position in Washington as the representative of Rhode Island. Unbeknownst to all, Michael is greatly indebted to Clarissa Van Dorn for his victory, he is forced to argue various political issues on her behalf.
  • Adrian Miller is born

    Genetic markers determine that Adrian Miller, while a mutant, will not possess the level of evolutionary growth that his older brother will. Focus of Project Labyrinth remains on Grant.
  • Senator Miller sparks heated debates with heroes of Paragon City

    Using the "Guardian Angel Homicides" (What would eventually lead Randolph Cole III to become the Nitedevil) as a platform for Crey Biotech & The Malta Group's relevant interests, Michael Miller argues for reform and reinstatement of the "Might for Right Act". Legendary heroes Xanatos, The Imperial, and various members of the crimefighting community are present to argue against the reform, leading to heated debates and major media coverage.
  • The Havok Brothers join the US Military.

    The Havok Brothers join the US Military.
    Into their mid-teens, the brothers expressed a strong desire to join the United States military to serve their country as soldiers. Upon graduating from high-school, they both signed up to start their new lives with a career in the army.
  • the Havok Brothers are discharged from the Military, and "purchased" by MCORP.

    the Havok Brothers are discharged from the Military, and "purchased" by MCORP.
    Jason and Cade were discharged from military service without warning, meanwhile behind the scenes MCORP had struck a deal with some of the military's higher-ups and "purchased" the brothers from the army. The day they were discharged certain military officials received large sums of money into private bank accounts.
  • Azure Tracer Arrives in Primal Earth

    Azure Tracer Arrives in Primal Earth
    Azure Tracer arrives in Peregrine as part of a diplomatic group from her home dimension, but ends up stuck here.
  • The Havoks enter final stages of Chaos Fusion Experiment.

    The Havoks enter final stages of Chaos Fusion Experiment.
    MCORP's sole desire since learning about the Havoks and their unique genes was to enter them into a genetic experimentation program which was called "The Chaos-Fusion Experiment". With the success of Chaos-Fusion, the subject's DNA would be altered so extremely that their natural abilities would be advanced to heights far greater than the average human. Because of the latent abilities possessed by the brothers, Chaos-Fusion would transform them into two of the greatest super soldiers ever.
  • First Rikti War

    First Rikti War
    The First Rikti War commences and claims the lives of several heroes and civilians.
  • Period: to

    The Infiltrators - History

    The history of the Infiltrators up until now.
  • Hamidon Pasalima leads raid on Paragon City University

    Hamidon Pasalima, a noted ecoactivist turns to ecoterrorism as he raids the PCU campus, creating the "Will of the Earth". He is stopped by the imminent arrival of several heroes, but flees.
  • The Hamidon is formed

    The Hamidon is formed
    Utilizing the "Will of the Earth", a creation spawned through the machinations of both science and dark & ancient magics, Hamidon Pasalima becomes a massive cellular structure with unprecedented power.
  • Project Labyrinth shifts focus

    Upon the formation of "The Hamidon", Crey Biotech scrambles to collect Pasalima's work. Clarissa Van Dorn appoints Raymond Corradine as the lead researcher. Per suggestion of high-ranking members of the influential "Malta Group", the focus of Project Labyrinth shifts to an effort that involves using Grant Miller's immensely powerful mutant gene in an attempt to condition and "reverse engineer" the Hamidon, effectively saving the world.
  • Havoks break off from MCORP after the "Hostile Zone Effort".

    Havoks break off from MCORP after the "Hostile Zone Effort".
    There was an area plagued with insurgents and hostile actions from its natives. This hostile nature was a direct defiance to MCORP, whose nearby facility had been testing the local populace. Jason and Cade were ordered to quell the uprising - to eliminate all of the innocent people. This was known as "The Hostile Zone Effort", and it marked the Havok Brothers' permanent departure from MCORP. The brothers assisted in liberating the city from MCORP's control which almost cost them their lives.
  • Formation of the Galacto-Rangers

    Formation of the Galacto-Rangers
    The Human Flashbulb helps Galactoman form The Galacto-Rangers.
  • Havok Brothers first sighted in Paragon City. Media goes wild.

    Havok Brothers first sighted in Paragon City. Media goes wild.
    Jason and Cade felt they needed to make up for their sins. Though they may have ended the lives of many evil individuals, they felt they needed to use their new found gifts for the good of their fellow man, much like they did during the Hostile Zone Effort. The decision was made to travel to Paragon City and assist the many heroes in the seemingly never-ending war against crime.
  • After meeting with Xanatos, The Havok Brothers officially join The Defenders of Paragon.

    After meeting with Xanatos, The Havok Brothers officially join The Defenders of Paragon.
    The brothers didn’t waste much time in tracking down Xanatos to a remote location in Talos Island. The Havoks approached Xanatos and told him they were interested in joining. Xanatos mentioned that they would need to go through the necessary chain of events to gain membership, and wished them luck. Two days later the Havok Brothers were official members of The Defenders of Paragon.
  • "Bloody Valentine"

    "Bloody Valentine"
    The Sadistic Seven launches an attack on Bloody Bay. The Havok brothers, Defenders of Paragon and many other heroes respond to the call. This marks the beginning of the longstanding feud between Mr. Mud, Mindswipe and The Havoks.
  • "The Future is Ours"

    "The Future is Ours"
    The Sadistic Seven attempts to manipulate time itself in an attempt to conquor the the world. Hero Graphite forms "The Eidolon Eight" to combat the Seven. Eidolon Eight Members:
    Red Queen
    The Havok Brothers
  • Counter Attack

    Counter Attack
    The Havoks Brothers, on behalf of The Defenders of Paragon, launch a counter attack against the villains in Siren's Call. The preemptive strike is a success and The Havoks become known for their tactical genius.
  • Formation of the Frontline

    Formation of the Frontline
    With the success of the Counter Attack, The Nitedevil and The Havok Brothers join together, pooling their resources, to form the Frontline - a group dedicated to always fighting on the front lines of battle against those who would threaten Paragon. Among the members are former Defenders, Nimbus, Cyberman and Liquidus. Also joining the ranks Sincere Agape and the hot new sensation - Johnny Turbo.
  • The Frontline forms coalition with The Galacto-Rangers

    The Frontline forms coalition with The Galacto-Rangers
    Galactoman meets the Havok Brothers in Atlas Park and they quickly decide that an alliance would benefit both groups.
  • The Human Flashbulb is declared official envoy between The Frontline and The Galacto-Rangers

    The Human Flashbulb begins attending all Frontline meetings and becomes close to many members of the group.
  • The Frontline Disbands

    The Frontline Disbands
    Due to an international incident, the Frontline is put into a tight situation. They are given no choice but to disband. Resulting in the Nitedevil returning to Kings Row and heroes Cyberman and Nimbus parting ways.
  • The Formation of the Freedom Force

    The Formation of the Freedom Force
    The Freedom Force is created from former members of the Frontline. It is headed by Liquidus.
  • Azure Tracer is Recruited into S.C.O.R.P.I.O.

    Azure Tracer is Recruited into S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
    Azure Tracer begins serving as an agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O. After much time of dedicated service, she leaves following an incident with two helicopters. She then becomes an agent of StormForce.
  • Foxy Ferret joins The Galacto-Rangers

    Long time ally Foxy Ferret joins The Galacto-Rangers.
  • Red-Havok joins The Galacto-Rangers in disguise

    Red-Havok joins The Galacto-Rangers disguised as the mysterious hero "Night-Ghost".
  • The Formation of Orthrus Inc.

    The Formation of Orthrus Inc.
    Randy Cole creates Orthrus Inc. under the pseuydonym "Richter Fox".
  • Fist Industries Incident

    Fist Industries begins to attack the Freedom Force and assume control of territories (notably Galaxy City and Kings Row) in Paragon City, revealing itself as a front for supervillains.
  • Foxy Ferret is reported dead.

  • The Freedom Force Disbands

    The Freedom Force disbands after its leader, Liquidus, goes rogue. Days later, the leader of Fist Industries, Drex Vexel, is assassinated. The company falls. Liquidus is then recruited into Orthrus. Investigation by NSA and DOD on FF and Liquidus goes cold.
  • Johnny Turbo joins The Galacto-Rangers

  • Foxy Ferret is Brainwashed

    Foxy Ferret is witnessed being alive, but is later revealed to have become a weapon of Arachnos. Several heroes fight to reverse this.
  • The Havok Brothers Sent on Suicide Mission

    The Havok Brothers Sent on Suicide Mission
    The Havok Brothers are recruited by the Portal Corporation to enter a portal. However, it proves to be a suicide mission.
  • Rave Spider becomes active crime-fighter

    After halting several muggings and establishing a rapport with local police in upstate Rhode Island, Rave Spider makes a name for himself when he defeats Critical Mass, foiling a high stakes bank robbery.
  • Johnny Turbo Named "Hero of the Year"

    Johnny Turbo Named "Hero of the Year"
    After going solo after the Freedom Force and Frontline dissolved, Johnny Turbo earns himself the title of "Hero of the Year" from Supers Magazine.
  • Orthrus Expands

    Orthrus Expands
    As "Project Osiris" begins, Azure Tracer, Clyde Raines, and Sam Tord are all recruited into Orthrus as agents.
  • The Terra Jones Project Begins

    Crey begins its unethical and top secret "Terra Jones Project".
  • Johnny Turbo quits The Galacto-Rangers, continues sleeping on Galactoman's couch

  • The Formation of the Headliners

    Johnny Turbo and the Masked Renegade help to form heroic juggernaut "The Headliners".
  • Armaments Joins Orthrus

    Armaments Joins Orthrus
    James Ford's mission is sabatoged and he joins Orthrus as Armaments.
  • Sable Falcon Joins Orthrus

    Selana Rose is recruited into Orthrus Inc. and becomes Sable Falcon.
  • Rave Spider joins the Headliners

    After what is considered a "grassroots" campaign fighting crime, Rave Spider is invited to join the Headliners against the wishes of Damian Snow, as the hero is an unregistered vigilante, and is considered a liability. Rave Spider's fame skyrockets.
  • Rave Spider named co-leader of Headliners

    Upon rescuing Coldcrash from the clutches of Crey Biotech, both Rave Spider and Pyreblast are named active leaders of the Headliners. Through their teamwork, and leadership, the Headliners become a force for justice in Paragon City. Their accolades matching their fame.
  • Rave Spider reveals identity

    After a brief period of time spent in Thailand, Rave Spider returns to Paragon City and reveals his identity in a small press conference. Despite outcry from Crey Biotech and endless lawsuits, Grant Miller's criminal record is pardoned by Statesman personally, and he is issued immediate "Hero of the City" status upon registration.
  • Rave Spider MIA, leaves Headliners

    Upon receiving precognitive visions where he destroys his world with mass amounts of power at his fingertips, Rave Spider departs Paragon City, fighting crime across the globe while attempting to maintain a low profile.
  • The Headliners Disband

    Following a climactic battle in Japan, Coldcrash disbands the Headliners as he believes they are more trouble than they're worth. Alone, Johnny Turbo and the Masked Renegade decide to join the ranks of the Palladium Sentry.
  • Project Osiris Completed

    The new Nitedevil is chosen.
  • Johnny Turbo's "Hero of the Year" Status Revoked

    Johnny Turbo's "Hero of the Year" Status Revoked
    Johnny Turbo has his "Hero of the Year" status revoked after much bad press and bad decisions come back to haunt him.
  • Formation of FIST

    Foxy Ferret forms FIST after confronting those at Portal Corp about the Havoks' mission. Angered, she renounces her hero license completely.
  • Rave Spider defeats Lord Recluse

    While traveling through France, Rave Spider discovers a plot to install psionic resonators throughout Paris, allowing Stefan Richter to preach his same propaganda that is flooded throughout the Etoile Isles. Utilizing his power mimicry and fast thinking, Rave Spider defeats Lord Recluse atop the Eiffel Tower in one-on-one combat, ending the plot and putting him front and center on the world's stage.
  • Infiltrator Nimbus Recruited

    After almost killing a villain, Nimbus is recruited by Mr. Shade to join the Infiltrators.
  • Infiltrator Cyberman Recruited

    After taking down an entire Orthrus squad, Cyberman is recruited by Mr. Shade into the Infiltrators.
  • Infiltrator Masked Renegade Recruited

    After the public demands his unmasking, the Renegade finds himself recruited into the Infiltrators by Mr. Shade.
  • Infiltrator Johnny Turbo Recruited

    Johnny Turbo, having hit rock bottom, is recruited by Mr. Shade to join the Infiltrators, in hopes that he'll turn himself around.
  • Infiltrator Red-Havok Recruited

    After emerging from his suicide mission alone, Red-Havok becomes angry and complacent. Eventually he is recruited by Mr. Shade into the Infiltrators.
  • Infiltrator Foxy Ferret Recruited

    After fighting a supervillain for an artifact called a "madness shard", Foxy Ferret is released from Longbow custody and recruited by Mr. Shade to join the Infiltrators.
  • Infiltrator TJ Quake Recruited

    Red-Havok and Foxy Ferret rescue Terra Jones, and she is recruited by Mr. Shade to join the Infiltrators.
  • The Infiltrators - Mission #1

    After an Orthrus squad is attacked and defeated by Cyborg Sinister, Mr. Shade sends in his new "Infiltrators" to handle the situation. Both Cyborg Sinister and Warcry are apprehended and their cybersoldier factory is shut down.
  • Phanto vs The Infiltrators

    Phanto attempts to create a mass weather anomaly in hopes of attracting whoever defeated Cyborg Sinister. When he comes face to face with the Infiltrators, his partner, Deadwringer, and him try to defeat them.
  • The Infiltrators - Mission #2

    Cyborg Sinister gains control of all systems within Strongwall Prison and causes things to go haywire. The Infiltrators are dispatched to transfer inmates to the Zig while trying to stop Sinister and Warcry's escape. Sinister escapes, Warcry is destroyed, and inmates Drown, Technotroll, Goldmonger, TJ Decay, Rockefella, Exadeus, Dr. Fatal, and Powerlaser high-jack their Longbow transport and escape.
  • Blacklist Villains Arise

    Masked fights Snowbomber and Adaptor as they try to gain control of Shivians. Armaments fails to capture Rockefella and Instaport when they rob a casino. Afterwards, he defends Johnny Turbo when Deadwringer attacks him at his penthouse.
  • Red-Havok vs Phanto

    Red-Havok tracks Phanto to Warburg, where he attempts to kill him. Phanto hints at his plan to unite all Blacklist villains and then forces Red-Havok off a roof.
  • The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - Liquidus

    The Infiltrators are dispatched to deal with a supernatural threat summoned by "Cascade" on an Orthrus lab while Azure and Liquidus secure a VIP. The Infiltrators come face to face with Pumpkin Face and Ghost Face and blow up the lab as it was comprimised.
  • Ripjaw vs The Infiltrators

    Ripjaw vs The Infiltrators
    A small team consisting of Armaments, Foxy Ferret, and Orthrus 84 try to track down Ripjaw as he escapes from the Zig. They chase him to Bloody Bay, where they learn that the monster's jawbone is actually sentient, and that Ripjaw itself is manifested within the artifact.
  • The Blacklist Unifies

    The Blacklist Unifies
    The Blacklist unifies and attacks a team of heroes in Bloody Bay, and a huge battle erupts. Phanto serves as general for the villains, but after Foxy Ferret tells him of an alternative way to accomplish his goals, Phanto leaves and the villains become disorganized, resulting in their defeat, but not without causing mass damage and casaulties. Snowbomber is captured by Orthrus.
  • The Infiltrators - Mission #3

    After locating the Orthrus sub Cyborg Sinister escaped Strongwall in, the Infiltrators are dispatched to an underwater Crey facility in the North Atlantic to capture Sinister. When they arrive, he is long gone, but they discover Warcry has taken over the facility's network. The lab is swarming with Warcry Mechs and Phanto and Deadwringer are also there. The Infiltrators fight there way into the server room, purge the network of the AI, and recover the file to interrogate him.
  • The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - The Masked Renegade

    After Deadwringer discovers a way to utilize Portal Corp technology to access the Dark Matter Zone, the Renegade is left with no choice but to come clean about his shady past and ask for help from the Infiltrators. After supercharging himself with dark matter, Deadwringer destroys Atlas and sets a massive dark matter bomb. The Renegade uses a telekinetic barrier to contain it, but goes MIA after the blast.
  • Infiltrator Rave Spider Recruited

    Infiltrator Rave Spider Recruited
    Rave Spider, a hero who recently returned to Paragon fought with The Infiltrators agains't Phanto during his attack on Bloody Bay. Shade and Orthrus Inc. had been watching Grant - and with Masked MIA, they decided to bring him on board. Grant agreed, but for his own reasons.
  • Blacklist vs. Nimbus

    Blacklist vs. Nimbus
    Phanto leads a small team of villains consisting of Skunkette, Ripjaw, Magus-Mask, and himself into the Atlas Reconstruction Effort's telethon, being hosted to help rebuild Atlas after Deadwringer's attack. Phanto then utilizes this international air-time to reveal the true identity of Nimbus, Kirk McCloud.
  • The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - Nimbus

    The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - Nimbus
    Nimbus seeks help in finding the killer of his former sidekick, Kid Cloud, after his identity is revealed. Smog puts together a team of villains to take out the McCloud family. Nimbus eventually decides to officially reveal his identity on the air, but the event is crashed by Blacklist and Phanto.
  • The Infiltrators - Mission #4: Prologue

    The Infiltrators - Mission #4: Prologue
    The Infiltrators, desperately seeking the location of Cyborg Sinister, reactivate Warcry and coerce him into giving up his location. Rave Spider, having hacked possibilities out of him, discovers that Guatemala is his likely location. This is because he is after an ancient piece of technology, that it just so happens Mr. Shade desires as well.
  • The Infiltrators - Mission #4

    The Infiltrators - Mission #4
    The Infiltrators parachute into Guatemala to stop Cyborg Sinister from activating an ancient technological doomsday device believed to bring about the end of the world by the Mayans. They are forced to accept the help of Exadeus and Phanto, but they are ultimately betrayed by them. In the end, Red-Havok kills Cyborg Sinister and the group is split upon this decision, as well as their future together.
  • The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - Foxy Ferret

    The Infiltrators - Spotlight Missions - Foxy Ferret
    The group goes out of its way to avoid Orthrus when trying to preserve the psychic weapon "Epilogue" for Foxy Ferret. Her orphanage is assaulted by Phanto and Orthrus, who both demand the weapon, but the Infiltrators succeed in protecting her and it.
  • CNN Interview Airs

    After a month apart from Orthrus and eachother, Rave Spider reveals that he and his colleagues were involved in what happened in Guatemala live on CNN. This leads Longbow to take in Johnny Turbo and order him to help them find the rest of his team and reassemble it.
  • Longbow Recreates the Infiltrators

    Agent Richard Slate reforms the Infiltrators in an attempt to capture Phanto once and for all at a Warrior-sponsored fighting tournament known as the Olympiad.
  • The Olympiad

    Red-Havok wins the tournament after many long battles, and comes face to face with Phanto. Longbow sends the remaining Challengers to assault Athena's Island, where Agent Slate reveals himself to be Deceiter. Deceiter reveals he is working for Exadeus, and re-organized the Infiltrators to go after Phanto so that they could deal with him once and for all. Deceiter escapes, and the Challengers battle through Athena's Island, where they eventually find Havok, who has knocked out and captured Phanto
  • Rave Spider is "Replaced"

    The sinister Dr. Corradine kidnaps Adrian MIller, brother of the Rave Spider and threatens their family. The Challengers go off in pursuit where they encounter Countess Crey had been funding the mad scientist. Corradine attempts to turn use Adrian Miller as a power source for the new Hamidon. Corradine fails, and Adrian Miller's life is lost. Rave Spider adopts a new identity as The Replacer - after following his brother's dying wishes.
  • The Challengers are born!

    Out of the aftermath of The Olympiad, The former Infiltrators band together as a new group of heroes and call themselves The Challengers, a name chosen by Rave Spider. They decide to hold a public press conference to announce their intentions. During the conference, Phanto causes a rogue Paul Ooshun robot to terorize Paragon. The team once again defeats Phanto, and helps clear Ooshun's name - and assures the public he is reformed, and their responsibility.