The Black plague

  • Apr 1, 1330

    The plagues orgins

    In the early 1330s an outbreak of the deadly bubonic/black plague occured in china, and because china was one of the busiest worlds trading nations it with only a matter of time before the plauge spread.
  • Oct 1, 1347

    The plagues trip too europe

    When Italian merchant ships returned from a trip to the Black Sea, one of the key links in trade with china. Many of those on board were already dying of the plague.
  • Jan 8, 1348

    Plague reaches France and Germany

  • May 1, 1349

    Plague reaches Norway

  • Jan 16, 1350

    Plague reaches Eastern Europe

  • Sep 16, 1353

    Giovanni Boccaccio finishes writing The Decameron

    A fictional narrative that opens with a description of the 1348 outbreak of Black Death in Florence, Italy.
  • The Great Plague of London begins

    43 people die by end of May
  • More deaths

    6,137 people die by June.
  • Even more

    17,036 people die by July.
  • Totals rise

    31,159 people die by August.
  • The Great Fire of London

    Destroys most of the rats and fleas that carry the plague bacillus.