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The Battle of Gallipoli

  • First allied Naval attack begins at the Dardanelles

    First allied Naval attack begins at the Dardanelles
    British and French forces launch an ill-fated naval attack on Turkish forces in the Dardanelles, the narrow, strategically vital strait in northwestern Turkey separating Europe from Asia. British control over the strait would mean a direct line to the Russian navy in the Black Sea, enabling the supply of munitions to Russian forces in the east and facilitating cooperation between the two allies.
    *Ships battle in the Dardanelles
  • Second allied attacks at the Dardanelles

    Second allied attacks at the Dardanelles
    Second bombardment resumed after delays due to bad weather. Runs were made by battleships Vengeance and Cornwallis, French Suffren and Charlemagne, supported by anchored dreadnought Queen Elizabeth, battleships Agamemnon, Irresistible and French Gaulois. Fired was opened around around 1015, but within a short time, Agamemnon was hit
  • Turkish Victory at the Dardanelles

    Turkish Victory at the Dardanelles
    The Turks had layed mines in the water several days ago, and with the allied troops approaching with their minesweepers a mine unexpectably went off and damaged the French warship Bouvet.witnessing this the other allies came over to salvage the survivours. They sailed to the site but recieved 2 direct hits and had to retreat. more ships went down. Vice Admiral de Roebeck realised he it was impossible to win the fight and called off the attack.
    *Turkish defences at the Dardanelles
  • ANZAC's land on Gallipoli

    ANZAC's land on Gallipoli
    The ANZAC's were split into 2 waves, the first wave consisted of 1,500 people and the second of 2,500 people. at around 4:30 am the troops landed on the shore of what is now known as ANZAC Cove. But gave their attention to the turks when sparks went off out of one of the steam boats. The Turks then fired away at the ANZAC's while still in boats. Some died in the boats and some in the water from drowning in deep water.
    *The ANZAC's landing at Gallipoli
  • The Frontline is formed

    The Frontline is formed
    By 11am the frontline has advanced as far as it will for the whole gallipoli campaign, at anzac cove the New Zealanders land and the men are confronted with the dead bodies which litter the beach. At Baby 700 there is a fierce battle between Mustafa Kemal's 57th regiment and the ANZACs. Over the course of the day the control of Baby 700 will alter 5 times.
    *What Baby 700 is today
  • The idea of Evacuation

    The idea of Evacuation
    It's 10:00pm and the morale of the soilders is low hundreds are killed, thousands are wounded and thousands are unacoutered for, and the ottoman defence is still strong, and reinforcements are exppected in the morning. The ANZAC commanders are putting their idea of evacuation to the Lieutenant General Birdwood. They tell him that all attempts have been a failure. Birdwod agrees to write a letter to General Hamilton to request immediate evacuation.
    *Lieutenat General Birdwood
  • Hamiltons Request

    Hamiltons Request
    This reinforces the idea in General Hamiltons mind and he writes a note back containing orders that will commit the ANZACs and the ottomen to 8 months of fighting in his P.S Hamilton says that you have got through the tough stuff now all you have to do is dig, dig, dig until you are safe.
    *General Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Hamiltons Request (1)

    Hamiltons Request (1)
    It is around midnight and General Hamilton has recieved the hand written letter from Lieutenant General Birdwood. Some men in the room agree to the letter but Admiral Thirsby suggests that it will take at least 2 days to evacuate the island. after much debate and whilst they do Commander Keys recieves news that an Australian submarine has slipped
    through mines and sunk a ship on the other side of the penninsula.
    *General Sir Ian Hamilton
  • Landing at Cape Helles made by the British 29th Division

    Landing at Cape Helles made by the British 29th Division
    The British and French forces plan was to land at Cape Helles, at the foot of the peninsula. With the support of the guns of the Royal Navy, a British division was to advance 9.7 km along the peninsula on the first day and seize the heights of Achi Bababut, The Helles landing was mismanaged by the British commander, Major General Aylmer Hunter-Weston. and the two main beaches became bloodbaths.
    *A ship full of people landing at Cape Helles
  • The ANZAC's attack

    The ANZAC's attack
    At 4:35. The ANZAC's push up the pennisula to attack the turks, the turks are then told by Captain Faik to retreat from the first ridge to the higher second ridge as they realise they are heavily outnumbered and will lose the battle unless they retreat. Major Hallis who is the leader of the heavy artillery station loses communication with Captain Faik who is communicating the events from closer. Major Hallis orders his troops to open fire.
    *The soilders of the first attack wait in their boats.
  • MacLagan and McCay *Anzac's Rushing through the battlefield

    MacLagan and McCay *Anzac's Rushing through the battlefield
    At 8:00am the brigade commanders are making a crucial decision. Lieutenant Colonel MacLagan is trying to persuade Lieutenant Colonel McCay to take his men south as defence. MacLagan has taken a survey of the battlefield and is worried. Battle on all fronts is disorganised. their main objective was to take the hill known as 971 and attack from higher ground. This would leave the south exposed if they all go fight for the hill and they expect Ottoman reinforcements will attack from the south.
  • Mustafa Kemal's defining order(1)

    Mustafa Kemal's defining order(1)
    At 10:00am. Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal(Turkish) has led parties of the 57th regiment to hill 971. Mustafa after reaching the ANZAC's objective for the day ordered his men to rest and has walked forward on foot. Ahead of Kemal and moving towards him are the surviving soilders of the 27th regiment retreating along battleship hill after leaving baby 700 where they were defending the ANZACs.
    *Mustafa Kemal
  • Mustafa Kemal's defining order (2)

    Mustafa Kemal's defining order (2)
    Mustafa Kemal asks them to turn around and fight the enemy with their bayonets fixed to their guns. Mustafa Kemal then tells the troops behind them in the 57th regiment that he does not order them to attack but orders them to die, he explains to them that by the time they are dead other units will have arrived. The 57th regiment then took the command and went down to defend Baby 700 for
    *Mustafa Kemal
  • Lance-Corporal Walter Parker

    Lance-Corporal Walter Parker
    The first Victoria Cross (VC) to be awarded at Anzac went to Lance-Corporal Walter Parker, a stretcher-bearer with the Royal Naval Division. He assisted the wounded in an isolated trench and, despite his own wounds, helped to evacuate the position.
    *Lance-Corporal Walter Parker
  • The Truce

    The Truce
    A truce allowed the Turks to bury their dead lying in no-man's-land between the trenches. This truce was made because the rotting bodies brought a stench to the trenches which attracted flies and some soilders couldn't even eat a biscuit without getting a mouthful of flies.
    *The dead bodies being fetched by the soilders
  • The August Offensive *The dead of the August offensive

    The August Offensive *The dead of the August offensive
    The New Zealanders, with British units in support, captured Chunuk Bair and held it despite strong Turkish counter-attacks.
    A small unit of Gurkhas briefly captured another summit to the north of Chunuk Bair known as ‘Q’ but they were driven off by the TurksThe 4th Australian Brigade failed to make any progress towards Hill 971.Lieutenant William Symons, of Bendigo, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his outstanding bravery at Lone Pine.
    *The dead of the August offensive
  • The end of the August offensive

    Turkish troops, led by Colonel Mustafa Kemal, drove the British from Chunuk Bair but were unable to push the British, Indian and New Zealand troops back down the valleys to the beach. The August offensive had failed.
    *Turks loading arttilery
  • The Silent Stunt

    The Silent Stunt
    Between 24 and 27 November the troops at Anzac were ordered not to fire on the Turks unless they were attacked or threatened. This so-called ‘Silent Stunt’ was to help deceive the enemy into thinking that a silence did not necessarily mean withdrawal.
    *Enjoy the Silence
  • Start of Gallipoli evacuation

    Start of Gallipoli evacuation
    Over two nights — 18–19 and 19–20 December — all of the remaining 20,000 Australians and New Zealanders were withdrawn from the Anzac area of Gallipoli. There were virtually no casualties – to the end the Turks were unaware that a major evacuation was taking place.
    *A drip gun is made to make it look like the ANZAC's are still there yet they are evacuating th island
  • Last Man to evacuate Gallipoli

    Last Man to evacuate Gallipoli
    The last man to leave at 4.10 am on 20 December from North Beach was Colonel J Paton who was in charge of the ‘rear-guard’.