• Hudson Bay Company

    Hudson Bay Company
    They gave native americans job oppurtunhhities. which is reallly significant taking in fact that the british was taking all of their land (and food).
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  • Lewis & Clark Expedition

    Lewis & Clark Expedition
    lewis and clark were one of the most important persons in pacific northwest history because they cleared the way for many, many, MANY travelers. and they discovered many plants and animals, along with the pacific northwest
  • The Oregon Treaty

    The Oregon Treaty
    This event was important becuase it settled the dispute between the canadians (Cool Beanz) and the Americans. The borders were changed and both nations lived happily ever after...The End! Prologue:The Wars ended....then Kim Jong il was born...
  • Whitman Massacre

    Whitman Massacre
    this is an important even because it started the Cayuse War and over 500 settelers died in that war along with the Whitmans and it changed the way that we looked at umatilla and cayuse indians
  • Arthur A. Denny

    Arthur A. Denny
    he is very important because he was one of the founding fathers and helped seperate washingotn and oregon
  • Great Seattle fire

    Great Seattle fire
    the great eeattle fire is an important because it burned 32 whole city blocks and 4 wharves
  • Klondike Goldrush

    Klondike Goldrush
    This was a extremely important event because it made more people merge towards the Western side of hte united states...Because of the Gold!!!
  • Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail
    This trail provided a suffecient way for more people to travel to the Northwest. And that's just what it did it merged a lot nmore people to the Northwest since it was getting overpopulated in the East.
  • Bill Gates and Microsoft

    Bill Gates and Microsoft
    Miccrosoft changed the way everybody looks at the traditional PC.Not just that but it also has provided many people with Jobs and more and more ways to access the internet...Sweet