The American Dream

  • Arrival of the Puritans

    Arrival of the Puritans
    Freedom of Religion
    "The common man as well as the leader was hoping for greater freedom and happiness for himself and his children".
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Put the common man on eqaul footing with the rich.
    A place where one could persure goals without class, caste or social heirachy.
  • Early 20th century

    Early 20th century
    -life here offered personal; liberities and pooertunies unmatched by any other country
    -assimulation of east and west Europeans
  • Franklin Roosevelts New Deal

    Franklin Roosevelts New Deal
    -a shared dream
    -Social Security Act
    -workers and employees, contributed, via payroll taxes to federally administered trust funds to pay retirees
    -"safe old age" idea
    -other Americans have your back
  • PostWar + G.I. Bill

    PostWar + G.I. Bill
    -A new Suburbanized American Dream
    1.) car ownership
    2.) TV ownership
    3.) home ownership-fundemental
    4.) Send children to college- college graduate rates doubled!
  • Suburbanizing the American Dream

    Suburbanizing the American Dream
    -Americans first began spending more then they had
    -spending more lead to credit
    -Television gave the sense of a perfect life
    -1 car, 1 TV, 1 Home= family
  • Money Revolution

    Money Revolution
    -By 1970 more then 1/2 the families had credit cards
    -this helped to make a better, fuller, richer life.
    -nicer houses
    -annual vactions
    -2 cars in the driveway
  • 1980's

    The American dream began to be conflated with success
    -Slogans like "Who says you cant have it all?"
    -Ronald Ragane "because im worth it"
    -middle class "go for it"
  • "The Market"

    "The Market"
    Work hard and manage your expectations
    -money has never been freer to Americans
    -debt on the horizon
    -The worlds creditor nation became the debtor nation
  • 1990-2000's

    Americans began losing faith in the American Dream
    -54% said it was unacheiveable
  • Easterbrook

    -Life for the average American has improved
    -70% owned the place they live at
    -Average of 12.3 years of education-top in world
    The American Dream was by definition unattainable, a moving target that eludes peoples grip
    -rising expectations
  • Juice Ball Era

    Juice Ball Era
    Americans increasingly take on debt
    The thought that we have to live better then the ones before us.