The 60s!

  • Kennedy Wins!

    Kennedy wins presidency over nixon!
  • Kennedy Wins!

    Kennedy wins presidency over nixon!

    President John F Kennedy got shot in Dallas Texas.
  • Johnson Sworn In

    Lyndon B Johnson was swore under oath as president of the United States
  • Johnson Declares War

    Johnson Declares war on poverty and tries to end poverty
  • The Civil Rights act

    the civil rights act was signed by Johnson and enacted
  • Senate Passes Bill!

    Senate Passes a bill for $947 million for anti poverty bill
  • King Wins Prize

    Martin Luther King JR wins a nobel piece prize!
  • King Gets Award

    King was given his Nobel Peace Prize!
  • First American

    First american soilder sets foot on Vietnam land
  • Stock Hit

    NY Stock Exchange was hit by war Leaflets

    LBJ signs the medicare bill
  • US,USSR,UK Sign Treaty

    They signed a treaty not allowing nuclear weapons in space!
  • Robert Kennedy anounces Big News!

    He Announces his presidency!
  • Immigration act of 1968

    The Immigration Act was signed and acted upon
  • Johnsons Terms Over

    Johnsons Looses term over Nixon