The 1970's

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  • May 4, 1070

    Kent State Massacre

    Kent State Massacre
    The shootings on May 4, 1970, of unarmed college students by members of the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, during a mass protest against the bombing of Cambodia by United States military forces. The Kent State Massacre could lead to people feeling unsafe around there own military forces. It could effect the way People during this time saw Kent State as a college.
  • Disney World Opening Day

    Disney World Opening Day
    Walt Disney World Resort officially opened, including Magic Kingdom Park, Disney's Contemporary Resort, Disney's Polynesian Resort and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Disney was a new fun amusement park in Orlando Florida, everybody in the family could benefit and have fun at the park. The first ticket price was $3.50
  • The first Mobile Phone was invented.

    The first Mobile Phone was invented.
    Motorola was the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone. Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone call. The first ever handheld mobile phone, it was a new way of communication during this time. It was probably very popular item that everybody would want one.The Original Price was $3,995
  • First ever Black model on Vogue.

    First ever Black model on Vogue.
    African-American Model Beverly Johnson On Her Historic 'Vogue' Cover Johnson reflects on becoming the first black cover model of American Vogue. This event could inspire young black individuals during this time. Seeing Beverly on the cover of a big Magazine could change how the usually white people felt towards black people. People would buy this magazine because it made history.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. It lasted roughly 20 years. many families had to face separation from loved ones for a long period of time, losing a loved one, loss of belongings, and much more.
  • Jaws movie was released

    Jaws movie was released
    Jaws is a 1975 American thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg . People would spend money to go and see the movie and spend money on the jaws merchandise, this movie being released also really opened up and began Steven Spielberg's movie career. And lead to many more big movies made by him.
  • Apple Computer was invented

    Apple Computer was invented
    This Computer was the first product apple ever sold. This would be a economic event because it was a new type of product for this decade, Everybody would spend money on this because they wanted the product that was new and popular. The Original price was $777.00
  • First Star Wars Movie was Relased

    First Star Wars Movie was Relased
    The first ever Star Wars movie was released, It was the first of a 9 movie squeal in the 80's This could be consider an economic event because when the movie was first released millions of dollars were spent on this movie. People would spend money on experiencing the movies on the big screen in the theater, also people would spend money on merchandise that was related to the movie.
  • Walkman was inveted

    Walkman was inveted
    On July 1, 1979, Sony Corp. introduced the Sony Walkman TPS-L2, a 14 ounce, blue-and-silver, portable cassette player with chunky buttons, headphones and a leather case When the Walkman was invented it was a new invention and it made it easy for people to listen to their favorite music on the go.
  • Elvis Presley died

    Elvis Presley died
    Elvis Aaron Presley, commonly known as Elvis, was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply "the King" This could be a economic event because prices on Elvis's music or movies could have gone up. And since Elvis was such a big part of Rock and Roll many people would spend on his products.