The 1960s

By RP422
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    Nashville Sit-ins

    As part of the Civil Rights Movement, students occupied lunch counters as protest.
  • Nixon vs. Kennedy Debate

    As part of the 1960 elections, the campaign for Jhon F. Kennedy was kicked off by his preformance in the nation's first telivised presidental debate.
  • Kennedy elected President

    Becoming the youngest president ever, JFK narrowly beats out Richard Nixon for the presidency.
  • JFK Inagural Address

    Even though it is the fourth-shortest inagural adress in the nation's history, JFK's is commonly considered to be the best of them all.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion Begins

    After the sudden overthrow and communist takeover of Cuba, JFK authorizes a CIA organized coup attempt.
  • First Freedom Ride Begins

    In an attempt to end segregation in bus terminals, a long-distance bus ride is planned. Although this one failed, a second one soon followed that succeeded.
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    Berlin Crisis

    Because Berlin, split up into eastern and western parts, was completly inside East German territory, many used West Berlin as a loophole to escape. The Berlin Crisis was the Soviet's attempt to close that loophole.
  • Silent Spring

    This is the book widely credited with launching the Envirmental Movement. It points out the danger of pesticides in use at the time.
  • Ole Miss Intergration

    Expanding on school intergration, James Meredith attends the University of Mississippi. On September 30th, riots break out because of this.
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    Cuban Missile Crisis

    When Soviet missiles are discovered in Cuba, a crisis that nearly starts a nuclear war begins.
  • The Feminine Mistique

    The Feminine Mistique was a blantant finger-pointing to the fact that women wern't happy with their current lives.
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    Birmingham Campaign

    The "final battle" for the first part of the Civil Rights movement, the climax of this campaign became known as the "Birmingham Confrontation" thanks to the police's use of fire hoses.
  • "I Have a Dream"

    As part of the March on Washington, MLK Jr. delivers his famous speech.
  • Moscow-Washington Hotline Established

    In responce to the Cuban Missile Crisis, this hotline was created to help mitigate future disasters.
  • Limited Test Ban Treaty

    Another result of the Cuban Misile Crisis, this treaty banned all nuclear testing everywhere except underground.
  • Kennedy Assassination

    Much to the surprise of the nation, the American president, Jhon F. Kennedy is assassinated during a parade.
  • Lee Harvy Oswald Assassinated

    Jack Ruby, enraged by the assassination of JFK, assassinates Lee Harvy Oswald in revenge.
  • Clean Air Act

    Air quality controls are made into law. Acomplished by the Enviromental Movement.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is Enacted

    Outlawing discrimination, this was the final victory of the first act of the Civil Rights movement
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident

    Vietnamese forces attack US ships, leading to an increased US involvement in Vietnam.
  • Warren Commission's Final Report Released

    Concluding a months-long investigation, the Warren Commission releases their 889-page report on the assassination of JFK.
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    Operation Rolling Thunder

    The saturation bombing campaign that dominated most of the war.
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    Selma March

    The climax of act 2 of the Civil Rights movement, this was for voting what the Birmingham Conflict was for segregation.
  • Teach-In Movement Begins

    As their own way of protesting the war, some teachers start hosting seminars to discuss issues surounding the war
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is Enacted

    The final prize for the second part of the Civil Rights movement, the existance of a race-based double standard for voter regestration was outlawed.
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    Watts Riots

    As the Civil Rights Movement takes a turn for the worst, race riots started by African Americans start to break out.
  • Unsafe at Any Speed

    A book accusing car manufacturers of resisting the introduction of safety features.
  • National Traffic and Motor Safety Act

    Vehicle and passenger safety is now enforced. An acomplishment of the Consumer Movement.
  • Tet Offensive

    The lagest Vietnamese offensive effort of the war beins, swaying public opinion of the war overseas.
  • My Lai Massacre

    The 23rd Infantry Battalion kills 567 Vietnamese civilians.
  • Jhonson Announces he won't run again

    Facing strong public opinion, LBJ announces that he won't run again so he can focus on preserving his reputation.
  • MLK Assassination

    The keystone of the Civil Rights Movement is killed, grinding the movement to a halt.
  • Paris Peace Talks Begin

    In an attempt to bring the end of the war faster, LBJ starts peace talks.
  • Bobby Kennedy Assassination

    Bobby Kennedy, brother of JFK, is assassinated, ending the hope of a president active in civil rights.
  • Chicago Police "Riot"

    Protests erupt into violence at the Democratic National Convention, thus placing the last straw that broke the metaphorical camel's back for many Americans.
  • Nixon Wins Election

    The first Republican president in a long time, Nixon wins the presidency eight years after his narrow loss against JFK.
  • Santa Barbara oil spill

    The third-largest oil spill in US waters since 2010. A crisis in the eyes of the Enviromental Movement.
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    Woodstock Music & Art Fair

    A concert for hippies that changed Rock & Roll.
  • Alcatraz Occupation

    Native Americans occupy Alcatraz for 19 months.
  • Altamont Speedway Free Festival

    Another concert for hippies. This one got violent.