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  • First

    Thanksgiving is an American holiday and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, however the institutions are closed for 4 days (Thursday through Sunday)
  • Second

    It has a special meaning for Americans as they seek to be together as a family, even if they have to travel long distances it is done to spend time with the family
  • Third

    the tradition begins with the founders of america, pilgrims left Britain in 1620 to change their lifestyle and seek a better one with more freedoms
  • Fourth

    Arrived in northeastern North America in December 1620 and founded Plymouth
  • Fifth

    it was winter and they built little wooden houses called cabins
  • Sixth

    That winter was very hard and cold, many pilgrims died because the living conditions were very bad
  • Seventh

    they weren't the only people who lived in that place
  • Eighth

    whites helped the "Wampanoags" tribe survive
  • Nineth

    n the spring the Indians taught them to grow corn
  • Tenth

    Native Americans and pilgrims became friends, they worked hard, and the summer harvest was excellent.
  • Eleventh

    in November 1621 everyone already had food and a home
  • twelfth

    Governor William Bradford (pilgrim leader) declined to celebrate with a dinner for all and give thanks to God, this was the first day of thanksgiving and lasted three days