texas history

  • Oct 12, 1492


    columbus lands in the bahamas thinking he was in texas yet he never even enterd texas
  • Jun 2, 1519


    pineda maps the coastline from present day florida to present day texas
  • Aug 30, 1521

    hernan cortes

    cortes lands in present day mexico in 1519. two years later he counquerd the aztec empier. they tore down the aztec capital
  • Nov 7, 1528

    cabeza de vaca

    3 men and him survived narvaez by being shipwreck on galvestine island. they are captured by indians and held prisoner for many years
  • Feb 26, 1539


    first black man in america. agreed to take an epedition to searcc for the seven cities of gold.
  • Jul 26, 1540


    searched for the seven cities of gold and found nothing
  • onate

    claimed rio grand valley for spain