Texas history

By Msw9245
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Age of exploration begins

    What reasons did Europeans explore?
    *to find a sea route to the spices or Asia
    *to find gold, silver, and precious stones
    *to expand their knowledge of the world
    What was Columbus looking for when he found America?
    *a west route to Asia
    Which countries were most explorers from?
    What is a conquistador?
    *a conquer
    Which explorer tore down Tenochtitlan and founded New Spain?
    *hernan corteź
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecks

    Which Native tribe captures Cabeza de Vaca?
    *kuwake Indians
    What killed many Natives and explorers during the Age of Contact?
    When Cabeza de Vaca arrived in Mexico, what did people think about his stories?
    *they thought it was fake and he was liying
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Marques de Rubi Inspects Texas

    What was de Rubi’s mission?
    *to inspect the northers frontier and make recommendations
    Who sent de Rubi on his mission?
    *cayetano Maria
    Name 2 recommendations that de Rubi made after his journey
    *spanish army to become the nucleus of the city golliad
    *the only "fortez" shall be the missisipi river
  • Jan 1, 1519

    Pineda maps Texas Coast

    Describe Pineda’s route and accomplishments.
    *made the first Texas history map
    *went around Gulf of Mexico
  • Coronado sets out for Cibola

    What is Cibola?
    *a 1898 painting by Fredrick hemmington
    *Why did Coronado think Cibola was in Texas?
    *because the painting had Texans in it.
    *Did they find Cibola?
    No. They did not
    What is one important landmark that the expedition did discover?
    *the Grand Canyon
  • La Salle lands in Texas

    Which country began challenging Spain for Texas?
    Which river delta did La Salle discover?
    *missisipi river delta
  • Fort St. Louis founded

    Where is Ft. St. Louis?
    *near arenosa creek and matagorda bay
    Who founded ft st Lois?
    Robert caveliar de la salle
    Name two reasons why ft st Lois failed
    *french avoided French Louise after native Americans attacked
    *Where is Ft. St. Louis?
    Who founded Ft. St. Louis?
    Robert cavalier
    *name two reasons why loius failed
    Indian stocks and starvation
    How was la salle killed?
    *he died in the expedition
  • Mission San Francisco founded

    What is the purpose of a mission?
    *to try to complete the goal and or make the enemy weak
    Who led missions?
    *the quonqurer
    Which country is responsible for building missions?
    *spanish missions
    What religion were missions affiliated with?
    Were most missions successful?
    Why did missions fail?
    *because of weather, lack of food, and materials broke down so it was a lot harder for them.
    What buildings protected missions?
    *one of the building was the Alamo
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    What did the Louisiana purchase mean for US-Spanish relations?
    *that lousiana will own basically half of North America and Texans got mad.
    *Which 3 countries still claimed land in North America after the Louisiana Purchase?
    *french, lousiana, and North American still owned a bit of North America.
  • Philip Nolan Expedition

    What is a filibuster?
    A person engaging in authorized warfare
    Name 2 other filibuster besides Philip Nolan.
    Sam Houston and Samuel horse
    Who was Jean Lafitte?
    *french American pirate
  • Moses Austin Asks Permission for Colony

    Why did the Spanish grant Austin permission to establish a colony?
    *Because they trusted Austin
    What happened to Moses before he could establish his colony?
    *he had to make promises and follow treaties