Ternes The Hunger Games

  • Prim gets picked to be in The Hunger Games.

    When Prim gets picked to be a tribute in the Hunger Games ,her older sister, Katniss takes her place. Then Peeta gets picked as the boys tribute, and nobody takes his place. Katniss and Peeta say good bye to their family and friends. This is when the mayor's daughter Madge gives Katniss her Mockingjay pin. Then they get on a train with Haymitch and Effie to go to the catital.
  • Katniss arrives in the capital.

    Katniss and Peeta arrive in the capital, and went to their stylists. Katniss's stylist is Cinna, and Peeta's is Portia. They are dressed in black outfits with caps on fire which don't hurt them. Cinna said he wanted her to be remembered. This is where she gets the title "The girl who was on fire. They get on their horse pulled chariot to head to the training center. They eat dinner, watch the event, and go to bed.
  • First day in the training center.

    In the morning after the ate breakfast, and go downstairs to the training room. Katniss and Peeta were told to stay together, so they are working on their skills together. They train like this for afew days.
  • Privite lesson with the Gamesmakers.

    Katniss is the last tribute to go and show off her skills to the Gamesmakers. She shoots things with a bow and arrows, and gets mad when they arn't paying attention to her. She shoot an arrow at them, which hits an apple in a pigs mouth. Then she leaves without being excused. She thinks they will give her a bad score, but they give her the best score, 11. They think they do this because there mad at her for shooting at them.
  • The Interview.

    All of the tributes have to have a short interview with Caesar Flickerman. For Katniss's interview she was wearing an outfit to go along with her title "The girl who was on fire." Durring her interview she tries to be herself, and give her most honest opinion. After her interview she watches backstage as Peeta is getting interviewed. This is when he saies he loves her on national tv.
  • The Hunger Games begin.

    On the starting day of the Hunger Games Katniis isn't allowed to see Peeta. Instead she goes with Cinna to the arena. When there she get dressed, and puts on her pin. Then she enters the arena. Peeta shacks his head at Katniss as in telling her not to go to the bow and arrows in the Cornucopia. Instead she grabs a pack, nearly getting killed with a knife, and runs for the trees. She sleeps in a tree, and notices a fire that another tribute made close to her.
  • Day 2 in The Hunger Games

    When Katniss awakes in the morning she hears lots of footsteps. It turns out it's the tributes for 1, 2, 3, and 4 ,the careers. Then she hears the screams from the tribute that made the fire, and know they must have killed her. Then she hears the voice of Peeta, and knows he's traveling with them. She hears that there talking about killing a girl, and knows there talking about her. Then she gets away, and hikes for the rest of the day.
  • Day 3 in The Hunger Games.

    In the morning Katniss goes to find some water. After she gets water she realises that there is a huge wall of fire coming twards her. She trys to run away from the fire wall, and the fire balls that the gamesmakers are throwing at her. When the attack is over she looks at her burns. Then she encounters the careers. She climbs a tree making them look like fools. Then she spots Rue in a tree close to hers and she points to a wasp nest above Katniss. She starts to cut it but gives up.
  • Day 4 of The Hunger Games.

    In the morning Katniss goes up, and cuts down the wasp nest. It lands by the sleeping careers. Apparently the type of wasps are called Tracker Jackers, wasps with a poisones sting. They run the water, while Katniss gets a bow and arrows from a dead tribute. When she finally gets them Peeta yells at her to run away when Cato, a career, comes back. She runs, but blacks out from the poison.
  • Day 6 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss just woke up from the poison. She then realises Rue is ther and asks her if she wants to team up with Katniss. She does, adn they talk about their homes getting to know eachother. Rue then helps fix Katniss's stings, and Katniss helps Rue with her burns. (Haymitch sent Katniss some nurn medacin, but I ran out of room to mention that) This is when Rue tells Katniss about the Careers camp by the lake. She also said that Peeta isn't there. Then they eat, and go to sleep.
  • Day 7 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss and Rue wake up, eat, adn make up a plan to destroy the careers food supply. They split up, and Katniss is waiting for rue to start the fires to lure the Careers out so she can destroy the food. She realises that there are boombs around the food, so she uses three arrows to knock over some apples. This blows up the food, and knocks Katniss backwards. She can't hear in an ear, and hides because she knows she can't leave.
  • Day 8 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss wakes up to a cannon. She sees the Careers are gone, and walks in the stream to hide her footprints. The she goes lookng for Rue, and desides to wait in a tree just incase Rue or the Careers come. Then she sees the third fire wasn't lit. Then she hears Rue's tune which means she's ok. Then she hears a little girl scream, and goes to find Rue with a spear in her body. She kills the Career and sings to Rue as her final request. Then she coves Rue in flowers, leaves, and goes to bed.
  • Day 9 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss has a sad day, and doesn't want to do anything. She spends most of the day sititng in trees, hunting, and walking. That night she heardClaudius Templesmith's voice. He explains a rule change where both the boy, and girl tributes from the same district can win. This is when Katniss decides to find Peeta in the morning.
  • Day 10 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss wakes up, and tries to think of where Peeta could be. She knew Cato hurt him when he saved her life. Then she sees a little bit of dried blood on a rock. She starts yelling for Peeta when he replies by saying "You here to finish me off, sweetheart?" She then finds him in the mud, cleans him up, and takes him to a cave for protection. This is when he talks about him dieing when Katniss kisses him to stop him from talking. She knows there both suppose to pretend to be in love.
  • Day 11 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss goes to get a little food, and spends most of the day in the cave with Peeta. She gets some much needed sleep, and tells him a story about PRims goat. Then Claudius Templesmith tels them about the feast. This is where each tribute is able to get a pack with what they need most in it. Katniss knows that Peeta has blood poisonin, and what they need most is medicine to save his life. Peeta made her promise not to go, but Katniss got sleeping syrup from Haymitch. She then gave it to Peeta.
  • Day 12 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss wakes up, and heads to the feast. She then starts to run for her pack when Clove attacks her. Clove starts tocut Katniss's face with knives when Thresh, the boy tribute from 11 where Rue came from, killed Clove. He then asked Katniss what happened to Rue, and let Katniss go. When she got back to the cave she injected Peeta with the medicine, and fainted from the lose of blood.
  • Day 13 of The Hunger Games.

    When KAtniss wakes up she hears Peeta asking her if she can hear him. He then teels her that the medicine healed him. She has a bandage on her head where she got cut, and it is raining outside the cave. Katniss goes to sleep, and Peeta wakes her up in the evening. They talk about what happened at the feast, and go to sleep.
  • Day 14 of The Hunger Games.

    It is still raining outside, so they can't get food. They then talk about how long Peeta has liked Katniss, and are about to kiss when they hear a laugh outside. Peeta goes out, and comes back in with a basket of food that Haymitch sent them. They then eat a little food saving some for later. After that they talk about how Haymitch won the games. Then Katniss is getting them more food when Peeta looks out at the sky. He then tells Katniss that Thresh is dead.
  • Day 15 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss wakes up and realises that it stopped raining. She wakes Peeta so they can go hunt. They pack up their stuff and go out to hunt. Peeta is making a lot of noise, so Katniss shows him what beeries and roots to get. This way she can hunt quietly. When she gets back she doesn's see Peeta, so she gets scared. She finds him, and they hear a cannon fire. It was Foxface. At first they think it was Cato, but Peeta picked poisones beeries. They then go back to the cave, and Peeta sleeps.
  • Day 16 of The Hunger Games.

    Katniss wakes up Peeta so she can sleep. They know they will probably have to find, and kill Cato today, so they leave the cave. The stream is dried up, so they knoiw they have to head for the lake by the cornucopia. They sit by the lake waiting for Cato when they suddenly hear running footsteps. Cato is running form muttant wolves. They all climb the cornucopia and Cato is sufficating Peeta. Katniss knocks him off, saves Peeta, and the wolves get Cato.
  • Day 17 of The Hunger Games. Final Day.

    Katniss made Peeta stay up all night because she was scared if he went to sleep he would die because of the cut a wolf mad in his leg. Katniss notices Cato isn't dead so she kills him with an arrow in his head. Then Claudius Templesmith tells them that only one person can win the games. So Katniss pulls out the poisones beeries. They are about to eat them when Claudius saies that they are both winners. they are then on a hover craft when Katniss and Peeta are seperated, and Katniss falls asleep.
  • The winning ceramony.

    Katniss wakes up to descover that she is in a hospital. After looking for Peeta she finds Haymitch, Effie,and Cinna. She then is told she can't see Peeta until the ceramony. She goes with Cinna to get dressed. This time in a golden bress with sandals. Then Haymitch tells her that the Gamesmakers arn't happy with her using the beeries. After that sge is on stage kissing peeta, and watching the reply of the games. Then they go back to the training center to go to bed.
  • The last interview.

    Katniss and Peeta get ready for thir interview. They arn't allowed to talk privatly until all of this is over. So they sit in the interview together. There both wearing white and pibk outfits.Durring the interview they talk about how long they have loved eachother. Then they start to talk about Peeta's "new leg" which Katniss didn't know about. They talk about the beeries, and then it's over. Katniss goes back to her room to get the pin. Then there back on the train.
  • On the train going home.

    Katniss and Peeta get off the train when it's stopping for fule to walk around together. Peeta gives her some flowers, and Haymitch told Katniss she did a good job on camera with Peeta. Peeta wonders whats going on, and learns that Haymitch has been coaching her how to act on camera with him. Peeta then asks why he hasn't been coached, ands Haymitch said he didn't need it. Peeta learns she was just acting like she liked him, and went back to his room for the night.
  • Back to District 12.

    Katniss doesn't see Peeta in the morning. When she sees the platform of District 12 she Peeta out of the corner of her eye holding out his hand to her. He saies "One more time? For the audience?" In a hollow voice. So Katniss takes his hand, and is dreading the moment she has to let go.