Ten Important Technological Events that Have Affected My Life

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    Significant Technological Events that Have Affected My Life.

  • The World Wide Web

    Tim Berner's Lee on this day created the World Wide Web. He did this by bringing the hypernet and the Internet together, and giving it to the public. This has affected me because I have grown up in a world where information about anyone or anything can be found with just a few simple clicks of a mouse.
  • E-bay is Created

    E-bay is Created
    On this date, the website known as E-bay was created. With it, users could sell and buy products that people were selling on an online auction. It has affected me because I have used E-bay's services before, whether it be to get a Christmas gift or just something that I could not find in stores. E-bay is very significant because it allows users to trade with people across the entire world. You can find things on there that you would never be able to find in stores and try and bargain to get it.
  • AOL Instant Messenger Released

    AOL Instant Messenger Released
    On this date, AOL instant messenger was released and with it you could chat with your friends in seconds. It was one of the first IM services, and by far the largest for years. It was significant to me because I used to use it a lot when I was younger, and it introduced me to the idea of IM. Today many websites such have Facebook and Twitter have their own instant messaging services as well.
  • Google is Created

    Google is Created
    On this date, the website Google was created. It is an online search engine that allows you to find data on the web in a matter of seconds just by typing in what you want to find. This has affected me today so much because I use Google all the time, and without it or any of the online search engines, I don't know how I would find info on the web. Every day whether I am looking for help with homework, or just want to find out a simple fact, I use Google.
  • X-box Live is Created

    On this day, Microsoft would release what is known as Xbox Live which is an online multiplayer and digital media service which allows players to connect with millions of other people across the world. This is significant to me because I myself play vidoe games and getting the chance to talk to thousands of people I have never met before or just my own friends is an awesome thing in my life. I use it a lot.
  • Facebook is Created

    On this day, Mark Zuckerberg launched the website that is known as Facebook from his dormitory in Harvard. It was a social networking site that was originally intended so that kids could talk about their teachers. Since then it has grown to be a major success that is used to connect with friends, families, co-workers, etc. Facebook has affected my life because I use it often and with it I can contact my friends in a matter of seconds, or upload pictures of myself so everyone can see.
  • Verizon Fios is Released

    In 2005, Verizon Fios was released. It is a bundled Internet access, telephone, and television service. This was one of the first times a major carrier offered fiber to homes. It has affected me because this is the service my family uses, and because of it I can use the internet at high speeds which makes surfing the web easier.
  • Youtube is Created

    On this day, the website known as Youtube was created. It was the first website where it was made up of entirely user generated content, and since then has become a massive success with millions uploading videos of themselves or other interesting things. This website has affected me in a variety of ways. I go on this site all the time whether it's to watch a funny or interesting video, or to watch a video with helpful tip.
  • X-box 360 Released

    X-box 360 Released
    On this date, the X-box 360 was released by Microsoft game studios. It was one of the next-gen consoles that were starting to be released, and has been a commercial and critical success. This has affected my life because I use my X-box quite a bit, and with it I can connect to friends and talk to them even while I am alone in my room. It allows me to play intense games with beautiful graphics whenever I want.
  • First Iphone Released

    First Iphone Released
    On this date, Apple released a new smartphone known as the Iphone. This piece of technology has affected my life because I have grown to rely on it very much. With it I can check e-mails, go online, listen to music, and take pictures any where I want. I use it very often and bring it everywhere I go.