Theodore Roosevelt

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  • Coal Strike

    Coal Strike
    Coal miners worked in dangerous conditions, were often underpaid and in debt, on May 12, 1902 they went on strike that lasted 162 days. With the help of J.P Morgan and the federal government getting involved in labor disputes, President Roosevelt pushed progressive agenda and ended the strike. He considered his intervention in the strike one of the greatest achievements of his presidency.
  • Elkins Act

    Elkins Act
    The railroad industry was becoming difficult to keep in line. Roosevelt pressed Congress to amend to amend the Interstate Commerce Act, which was formally named the Elkins Anti-Rebate Act. The railroad companies loved this law, they were happy to sponsor the Elkins Act, now railroad companies were protected from handing out shipping rebates to powerful corporations.
  • Devils Tower

    Devils Tower
    Influence from Frank W. Mondell, President Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower as the first national monument. With 1,153 acres set aside, the president believed it would be sufficient in size to support proper care under the Antiquities Act. It is rumored to believe Teddy Roosevelt never visited the Devils Tower while others claim he visited while on a hunting trip.
  • Expedition to Africa

    Expedition to Africa
    After leaving the presidency, Roosevelt went on a lengthy expedition to Africa with his son. This lasted from 1909-1910, the trip was set out to hunt big game and collect specimens for the Smithsonian Institution. His decision was was based on his desire to leave the political stage to his successor and on his natural need for action.