Web and Technology Timeline 2001-2016

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  • Launch of Wikipedia

    Launch of Wikipedia
    History of WikipediaWikipedia is a search engine that is still used by many today, although its sources are not always deemed credible. The idea was invented by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, however the concept for the free online encyclopedia was thought up by Richard Stallman. Wikipedia changed the way people gather information, with the rise of the internet at its primal stage Wikipedia was the first large scale online source for knowledge.
  • First iPod Released

    First iPod Released
    The birth of the iPodThe first iPod changed the way we experience music forever. Many argue this constituted the death of the CD and stamped digital music downloading as the new way to experience music. While there had been MP3 players on the market since the 1990's, creator Steve Jobs saw the need for improvement. This was also profitable for MAC, music for ipods could only be downloaded through iTunes.
  • Wireless Headsets

    Wireless Headsets
    Wireless HeadsetsWhile the concept we know as Bluetooth has been around since the 1990's wireless in ear speakers grew with the invention of the cell phone. The wireless headset allows the user to talk on their cell phone while being hands free. This was the perfect discovery for those in the workforce or for those trying to juggle other components like driving or holding children while simultaneously holding a conversation. Some might argue that this discovery induced reckless driving, while other say it clears
  • Camera Phone

    Camera Phone
    Camera Phones It's hard to phantom a phone that does not also include a camera, but there was a time when they didn't exist. The first camera phones in the United States were of much lesser quality than those on the market now. The mega pixel capability was 0.3 which could take shots at 640 x 840 megapixels. Some phones even included features such as black and white, sepia tone, and flash.
  • Launch of Google Maps

    Launch of Google Maps
    Google Maps: a decade of transforming the mapping landscape Google Maps forever changed the way people travel. The GPS had been invented in the early 2000's but was fairly expensive, Google Maps was and is free. By typing in a location and a destination each user is given step by step directions to wherever they want to go. Later in 2005 Google added public transportation directions which allowed users to access directions using buses, subways, and trains. This forever changed the way people travel.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    Nintendo's Wii Is A Revolution Nintendo released the Wii to America in November of 2005. While the Wii may seem like another gaming system, it's interactive in a much different way. The Wii "has re-invented video gaming, making it more social, more intuitive and surprisingly physically engaging". Using motion as well as a controller to guide the game. On top of this, users are given free range to move.
  • Hulu

    HuluHulu was one of the first online streaming services for movies and television shows. This changed the way we watched things, you no longer needed a television to enjoy the shows which played on it. This drastically changed the way we communicated with one another as well as how social gatherings were enjoyed. You no longer needed to meet up at a specific time to watch certain television shows. Now, they could be enjoyed at the consumer’s convenience.
  • First Generation iPhone

    First Generation iPhone
    Timeline: A short history of the Apple iPhoneRead more: http://www.itpro.co.uk/611452/timeline-a-short-history-of-the-apple-iphone#ixzz3yCdLoktyThe invention of the iPhone plays a very important part in American history. It was the first all touch screen phone. Steve Jobs has said it's “a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years' ahead of any other mobile phone." Which with time was proven to be true. This changed the way we communicated with each other and ultimately the way we live our lives once the iPhone became more mainstream.
  • The Square

    The Square
    Latest InventionsSquare was created by the co-inventor of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. The device plugs into a smart phone, allowing customers to virtually use the smartphone as a register. This was a particularly pivotal invention for small and local business owners. Now shops could take their businesses on the go and make the payment process easier for customers. Allowing them to pay with a card or cash.
  • Kickstarter

    KickstarterKickstarter is a non-profit website which allows users to create pages to fund different projects, or really anything. Their mission is to "bring creative projects to life". The impact this company has had on our society is tremendous and it only continues to grow. Artists can support each other without necessarily knowing each other. It gives those who feel like they don’t have anything a chance to grow and achieve their dreams.
  • iPad

    History of iPad (original): Apple makes the tablet magical and revolutionarySteve Jobs saw a need for something that was smaller than a computer but larger than an iPhone. He knew consumers would be attracted to simplicity and portability, and so the iPad was invented. The iPad allowed users to take their work on the go, things you couldn't take prior to a "tablet". This helped expand the ever-growing world of social networking and virtual communication.
  • Google Glass

    Google Glass
    Everything you need to know about Google GlassGoogle Glass is an inventions that literally and figuratively changed how its consumers saw the world around them. It changed how they interacted with one another and allowed people to essentially see the world through their eyes. Information is shown in a hands-free format which allows its users to record what they see, check messages, and make calls. While the glasses themselves aren't aesthetically pleasing, their concept is somewhat futuristic and not well perceived by much of the population
  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch
    How the Apple Watch was created Much like Google Glass (only way more cool and much less obnoxious) the Apple Watch allows the user to check messages, e-mails, and a multitude of other things in a small and portable manner. In fact, the watch is essentially a replacement for a phone all together. Again changing how we communicate with one another and simplifying something that's already non-complex to an even smaller scale. This was Apples latest invention that took the mainstream by storm.
  • Hoverboards

    The Hoverboard Fantasy Comes True, Just As "Back to the Future" PredictedRead more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/hoverboard-fantasy-comes-true-back-to-the-future-180954960/#8VUOPIoel1cPyDhF.99Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12! http://bit.ly/1cGUiGvFollow us: @SmithsonianMag on TwitterThe future is looking more and more like a Jetson’s cartoon and as time flies so does our means of transportation. In 2015 just as Back To The Future was celebrating its 30th anniversary the inventors of the Hendo hover board were creating a Kickstarter page to fund the idea. The new technology uses a copper substrate and magnetic field to lift and can only survive on about 10 minutes of battery powers. However, this marks the beginning of "the future" and all the technology that comes with it.
  • Touchable 3-D Holograms

    Touchable 3-D Holograms
    Scientists have created 3D holograms that you can touchMuch like the images you would see in a Star Wards movie, holograms have been around for a few years. However, scientists have now created ones that can be felt. The holograms are made of iodized air that pulse at one quadrillionth of a second. While there have been inventions like this in the past, this method is the only one to cause no damage.
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