Technology Timeline

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    Technology Timeline

  • Pilote ACE

    Pilote ACE
    Pilot ACE was one of the 1st computers built it UK at the National Physical Laboratory. It was built by Alan Turing. He and his team started building in 1948. There are 800 vacuum tubes.
  • AT and T data phone

    AT and T data phone
    The At and T Data phone is the first modern digital computer data to analogy signals for transmission across its long distance network.
  • Unimate

    Unimate is the 1st industrial robot which worked on a General Motors assembly. It was created by George Delvon in 1950 and started the world 1st robot manufacturing Company, Unimation together with Joseph Engelberger.
  • E-mail

    The 1st e-mail was sent in 1971 by Ray Thomlinson. He sent the e-mail when he was supposed to be doing some other work. He was the one who decided on the “@” to be used in e-mail.
  • Apple Inc.

    Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. is a American collaboration which design and market different types of electronics. Apple Inc. is best known for their invention of IPhone, IPod touch, IPod Nano, IPod shuffle, IPod Classic and IPad.
  • IBM 3380 Disk System

    IBM 3380 Disk System
    Hard disks allows large amounts of random data to be stored. The base data stored 2.5 GB of data, later models ranging to 20 GB. IBM sold over 100,000 3380s, making the 3380 one of IBM’s most successful products of all time.
  • Pixar`s Tin Toy

    Pixar`s Tin Toy
    Pixar’s “Tin Toy” was the 1st computer animated film to win a Academy Awards, taking the Oscar for the best Animated short film.
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo is founded by Stanford graduates, Jerry Yang and David Filo. Before Yahoo was called Yahoo, it had a different name, “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.” Yahoo quickly expanded to be one of the Internet’s most popular search engines.
  • Xbox

    Xbox is a sixth generation video game in 2001 manufactured by Microsoft. Mostly played by boys.
  • Wii

    Wii (pronounced “we”) is a popular video game available in black or white released by Nintendo (Japanese Company). It is fun and easy to play and has games for everyone.