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Technology Timeline

  • Food Processor

    Food Processor
    The food processor was invented by Pierre Verdon
  • Pong

    Pong was the first video game and it was manufactured by Atari but thought of by Nolan Bushnell
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
    The cell phone was first invented by Martin Cooper
  • Walkman

    The first walkman was invented by Nobutoshi Kihara
  • Apple Macintosh computer

    The Apple Macintosh computer was invented by Steve Jobs
  • Windows Computer System

    Windows Computer System
    The Windows Computer System was invented by Bill Gates
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee
  • Java Programming Language

    Java Programming Language
    The Java Programming Language was invented by James Gosling
  • Ipod

    The Ipod was invented by Steve Jobs
  • Ipad

    The Ipad was invented by Steve Jobs